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'My Mister' Lee Ji-eun, "Aware of Lolita controversial... Selected the this drama with clean integrity”

2018-04-20 10:18:02
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[by Kim Young-jae] Lee Ji-eun denies the romance in the drama.

On the afternoon of April 11, a press conference was held at the Amoris Hall of the Times Square in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul for the TVN drama 'My Mister (Script Park Hae-young, Director Kim Won-suk)'. Kim Won-seok PD, Lee Sun-gyun, Lee Ji-eun, Park Ho-san and Song Sae-byeok attended the event.

The encounter between Lee Ji-an (Lee Ji-eun), a woman in her 20’s, and Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun0gyun), a man in his 40’s, seems like a romantic relationship in first glance. The question of the character settings potentially hurting Lee Ji-eun’s music career as singer IU came up at the conference. IU has suffered a backlash regarding the Lolita controversies for her 2015 mini album, ‘Chat-shire in the past. Lee Ji-eun stated, “I am fully aware of the controversies surrounding my ‘Chat-shire’ album. I thought ‘If the message I share as a producer and a singer fails to deliver smoothly, and if I don’t look closer or take deeper consideration regarding my work, it can be reflected that way’. I am trying to become more solid as a singer. I believe I should be more alert for those situations. I asked the director if he was willing to cast me, knowing that issue might gain more attention. I told him on our first meeting since I was worried about it.”

She continued, "I thought about the impact that I could have on this drama. When I read the script, I didn’t see the issue (the romance between someone in their 20’s and 40’s) at all.

However, I thought if Lee Ji-eun took on the role of Lee Ji-an, it could create controversies that the drama shouldn’t have to be burdened with because of me.” She explained the thought process to taking on the role, “If I read the script and wasn’t consciously felt clean about it, I wouldn’t have join the cast. There was no such nuance when I read the script. I only saw the human story instead of a love story. Also the director gave me assurance (so I couldn’t’ say no). I told him, if you need me and have complete faith, I will try my hardest.”

‘My Mister’ tells the story of two people who are surviving the weight of their lives finding the meaning of life and healing through one another.

Meanwhile, the TVN drama 'My Mister' will broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm. After 24 hours after airing in Korea, it will be broadcast in Singapore and Malaysia via tvN Asia at 9:45 pm every Thursday and Friday. (photo by Jo Hee-sun)

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