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Thu Apr 25

White vs Red, What is Your Choice This Spring?

2018-04-20 16:55:59
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[by Huh Gemma] Pure and innocent white or sexy and alluring red. What is your choice?
Recently, Seo Hyun and Sunmi have appeared in the official events while exuding completely different charms. While Seohyun emphasized her feminine appearance by wearing 'All White Look' from the clothesto bags and shoes, Sunmi boasted her sexy charm by wearing an alluring red dress.

As such, white and red are attractive color items that emit different femininity. Let's rediscover the charm of White-vs-Red as seen through the styling of Seohyun and Sunmi.


Seo Hyun attended the photo call ceremony of a women's clothing brand, and shined in a white dress. Seo Hyun, who styled an all-white look from head to toe, boasted the atmosphere of a gorgeous goddess as if she had turned on the lights.

As it is known, White is a charming color item that gives a reflective effect to make your face more beautiful at the moment of wearing it. Especially, it creates an effect that causes optical illusion which makes skin tone and texture more clean and smooth.


Sunmi, who appeared in a see-through red dress with embroidered petals, showed a feminine charm in complete all-red look even to her shoes. Her black hair and black square back, contrasted with the red color, were the key point for the overall styling. Here, the long drop earring that goes down to her collarbone doubled the feminine charm and completed the whole styling perfectly.

Editor’s Pick 

If you want to achieve absolute femininity with skin tone up effect, you should choose white, and if you want a sexy look, you want to choose red.

The white dress with a classical silhouette stands out when the three-dimensional line hides your imperfections while accentuating your waist line. It is a charming item that makes your face appear smooth and bright with clean colors and add volume to your body line. On the other hand, the vivid red dress makes an attractive mood and is recommended for an anniversary or a special occasion with your significant other. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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