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Hottest Girl Group Twice, Crazy-beautiful Performance On ‘Gagcon’. Even Their Gag Is Lovely

2018-04-27 11:29:12
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[by Ent Team] Girl group ‘On Top’ Twice’s appearance!

n April 22, KBS2 'Gag Concert'. The girl group Twice will make a surprise appearance. They will hit the highest peak with their beauty and funny gags.  
Twice, who has recently made a comeback as a new song 'What is Love?' proved their overwhelming popularity by grabbing No. 1 spot on all music charts and getting more than 5 million views on Youtube in the shortest amount of time in K-pop girl group history.
The make headlines wherever they go, and they received overwhelming response when the members Sana, Jihyo, Mina and Dahyun appeared on ‘Gag Concert’ stage.

Especially, the four girls who boast self-luminous beauty captured the hearts and smiles of the audiences with their brazen acting skills and ability to make even the funniest gags lovely. It makes the viewer anticipate to see which corner they appeared on to show off their crazy-beautiful performance.
The producer of Gag Concert said, "We are really grateful to Twice for coming on to our stage. Sana, Jihyo, Mina and Dahyun did their best from the rehearsal and they worked really hart. We wish the viewers will enjoy to gift we have prepared for them.
Meanwhile, KBS2 'Gag Concert', the driving force of Korea’s laughter, broadcasts every Sunday at 9:15 pm (photo by KBS2 'Gag Concert')

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