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Wave hair styling for spring goddess

2018-04-27 13:59:48
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[by Hwang So-hee] The last cold snap has moved on and the warm spring weather is blowing the spring wind in to our hearts. As the warm weather flutters our hearts, there are many people who are trying new makeup and hairstyles for the new season.

The best way to transform your image is to change your hairstyle. If you want to feel refreshed before going out for a spring outing, let's pay attention to the hair styling that will create a brighter look.

A romantic mood's wave hairstyle is perfect for creating a lovely atmosphere for spring. In particular, Natural Wave maximizes the femininity and is perfect daily hair style.

Separated a small portion of your hair and wrap it around the curling iron to create natural waves.  If it is difficult to use a curling iron, you can twirl up your hair while using the hair dryer to create natural curls.

If you want to get a new feeling in a youthful look, we recommend a hippie perm style. The hippie perm creates an innocent image and the full volumes can make your face appear smaller.

You can create the hippie perm by twirling your hair to fully have them in a twist, then apply heat with a hair dryer or pressing them with the curling iron to create natural volume. Lastly, use the hair dryer to add volume to the root of the hair for fuller hair.

There are a lot of people who want to create a new image through transforming their hairstyle, but have difficulties in trying various hairstyles due to their face shapes. For those who have such troubles, it is first of all to achieve a face type that will look good in any hair style. Considering facial contour surgery can be a solution if you have a big complex with your face shape or it is hard to cover them with regular efforts.

Kim Sung-sik, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, South Korea, said, "When the lower jaw is too large or the bottom of the ear is too low, it can create more dull and stronger image so many people worry about that. If you failed to calibrate your face after trying methods such as facial massage, it is also a way to consider V-line square jaw surgery to trim the facial contours. "

He also added, "When facial contour surgery is performed, if you only focus on getting a small face, it will visually create an artificial line due to excessive resection. To prevent this, it is wise to determine a suitable surgical method after a sufficient consultation with a skilled specialist.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, the No. 1 Hospital for Foreign Patients in Korea, always prioritize the accurate analysis and diagnosis with 'one-stop pre-operative test' through advanced medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment. In addition, the hospital's in-house anesthesiologists are always in residence, and they have a 20-year no-accident records with the cooperation of skilled specialists. Considering the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, they put the safety of patients first, by acquiring emergency response systems by building a CPR (emergency response) team, holding emergency kits, UPS uninterruptible power supply capable of continuing operation during power outages. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)


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