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Thu Apr 25

MAXCLINIC Participates in Shanghai China Beauty Expo ... They will Showcase K-beauty’s Technology All Over the World

2018-04-27 14:09:11
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[by Kim Hyo-jin] The luxury spa care brand MAXCLINIC will participate in China Beauty Expo 2018, Asia's largest beauty exposition.

'Shanghai China Beauty Expo' is a representative beauty exhibition leading the Asian cosmetics market, and will be attended by beauty companies and related professionals from all over the world.

MAXCLINIC has been exhibiting new products that the world has never seen under the philosophy of ‘Optimized skin care for my skin' and built a solid foundation in the domestic market. They participated in Shanghai, Moscow and Hong Kong Fair last year, and they are ready to show various new products to the buyers.

 In addition, MAXCLINIC is located in Lotte Duty Free Shop Sogong Store, Shilla Duty Free Shop Jangchung Store, and Shinsegae Duty Free Shop. Also with the rush of inquiries from tourists visiting Jeju Island, you’re able to find MAXCLINIC products at Lotte Duty Free Shop and Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jeju Island.

Cirmage Lifting Stick

Cirmage Lifting Stick made a big issue online and won both the IF Design Award and the Monde Selection Grand Prix. It provides lifting effect by 3 different sides of shapes designed according to each skin curves on the face. 17 concentrated peptides, collagen ingredients and highly concentrated formula same as the amount of 7 creams help both lifting effect and skin elasticity. It is a combination of the cosmetics and device so that it can get lifting effect, anti-aging and penetration control at home.

Meso Change Program

Meso Change program has won the grand prize in the cosmetics category of the 2018 Monde Selection, which is the world-wide international competition for cosmetics. It is also 1 out of 5 nominated cosmetic brands in cosmetics category that impressed the judges. It is a device with fine needles, and it is composed of a hyaluronic acid needle roller and a dermis collagen ampoule, which is a product based on MTS (Microneedle Therapy System) that induces collagen production by stimulating the skin surface. The skin turnover through the fine stimulation of the needle roller is the key, and the hyaluronic acid fine needles attached to the roller make 1000 penetration holes in the skin with just only one rolling so the active ingredients of the ampoule can penetrate directly to the skin .

Max Change Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam

The oil foam cleanser, which has received great response from overseas, is a product that can remove make-up with oil massage and residues left in the pores with the foam cleanser. It is a revolutionary formulation that foam is produced when the product comes into contact with water. Especially, the recently launched Max Change Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam has a 300 times increase in vitamin content compared to prior lineups to provide brightening effect. It sells 12 bottles per second, and already a popular item in Korea. 

Synergy Effect Ampoule

Three types of Synergy Effect Ampoules containing cosmetic ingredients used in wrinkle care and dermatology. Synergy Effect Hyaluron Ampoule contains a combination of five types of hyaluronic acid that opens the path to the skin moisture, and adenosine ingredients help skin supple. Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule contains a combination of patented botulinum and EGF fusion peptide ingredients to restore skin elasticity, and Synergy Effect Pure C Ampoule brightens dull skin tones with British vitamin C. The three types of Synergy Effect Ampoules are the home spa care products that provide full skin care with one bottle a day, and it is the product which drove the 1 ampoule per day movement in Korea. (photo by MAXCLINIC)


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