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Thu Apr 25

The May of Hong Kong is full of festivals!

2018-05-02 14:35:27
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[by Ma Chae Rim] Regardless of the season, Hong Kong is always full of glamor and lively spirits. It is a good travel destination to visit at any time, but if you are worried about choosing the right time, here is a strong recommendation. Be sure to experience Hong Kong in May, which is filled with various festivals.
  It is not an exaggeration to say that May is a month of festivals in Hong Kong, and it really captures the eyes and ears of the visitors. Consider the Tin Hau Festival, Cheung Chau Bun Festival, and the Buddha's Birthday Festival held in May to plan a richer Hong Kong trip.

# Tin Hau's Birthday
On March 23 of the lunar calendar, Tin Hau's Birthday celebration is one of Hong Kong's largest festivals. Every year, more than 70 temples are crowded with people celebrating Tin Hau’s Birthday. Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea, is considered to be an absolute god for fishermen who depend on the sea for their livelihood.

Tin Hau's birthday holds a festive parades to celebrate the peace and safety of the sea, the good weather for fishing, and to pray for abundant catches. Along with the parade, the colorfully decorated fishing boats and fishermen gather at the Tin Hau temples and raise prayer.

# Cheong Chau Bun Festival

The Cheong Chau Bun Festival, a festival held every year at Pak Tai Temple in Cheong Chau Island to appease the victims of pirates, is a festival in Hong Kong that is big as the Tin Hau's birthday. It is held from April 5th to 9th of the lunar calendar. In this festival, children dressed in mythical hero costumes are hanging on floats decorated with gorgeous colors and march to the music of jing and drum.

In Hong Kong, people believe the hungry ghosts of those who were sacrificed by pirates, wonders around the peaceful island in search of food. So during the Cheong Chau Bun Festival, 15-meter tower made of pink and white buns is built at the Pak Tai temple every year, to feed the hungry ghosts. The person who takes the most bread by climbing the tower with over 10,000 pieces of buns is given the honor of winning. # Buddha's Birthday Festival

The festival to celebrate the birth of Buddha is held in Hong Kong. Every year at the Lantau Island Po Lin Monastery, a festival is held to commemorate the birth of Buddha every year. Po Lin Temple has the largest bronze Buddhist statue in the world, and it is preparing various events such as the Buddha Bath Festival, which is a ritual for washing the Buddha statue, Buddhist Worship and Shaolin Martial Arts Kung Fu.
The Buddha Bath Festival is an event that originated from the story of the nine dragons bathing the newly born Buddha at his birth. On Buddha's birthday, believers gather in Buddhist temples to wash Buddhist statue to purify their souls. There is also a tradition of eating a bitter green cookies before and after the birthday of Buddha in order to overcome the pain and pray for a better life in the future.

# Food to enjoy after the festival

If you are worried about food to enjoy after the festival, visit the No.1 Korean Oven Roast Chicken Brand, Goobne Chicken. The Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central Restaurant attracts locals as well as tourists with its pleasant interior and excellent accessibility. The popular menu 'Honey Curry Basasak Chicken' adds curry flavors to sweet honey to create a unique taste. The Goobne Chicken, which boasts a unique crispy texture even though it was roasted in the oven instead of deep fried, can be enjoyed healthily.

If you stop by Hong Kong, you have to try the Blue Girl Beer. The premium beer 'Blue Girl', which has been ranked # 1 in beer sales for 11 years, is characterized by its smooth mouth filling texture compared to the first deep taste of Pale Lager type beer. The bubble disappears quickly, and rich barley flavor and moderate bitter taste provide refreshment. Sales in China have skyrocketed recently with word of mouth.

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