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Wed Jun 26

SinB’s toes are longer than other people, ‘Weekly Idol’ GFriend is Fun-Friends

2018-05-03 12:55:19
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[by Ent Team] GFriend visits the ‘Weekly Idol’.

MBC Every1 "Weekly Idol" set to be broadcasted on May 2, features GFriend who turned into a moonlight fairy through their title song ‘Time for the Moon Night’.

In the recent recording of the show, GFriend shared their hand written ‘My Resume’ and had the time to check out their hidden talents. Pro idol Yerin wrote ‘applying protective films’ as her hidden talent, and the members also verified this by saying they always ask her to apply the protective films to their smartphones.

In addition SinB chose her unusually long (?) toes as her unique feature. The crew of ‘Weekly Idol’ prepared a special mission to verify the resume of Yerin and SinB on the show. Yerin and SinB were caught off guard by the unexpected missions but they were able to surprise everyone by showing off their skills 200%.

Afterwards, GFriend played the 'Weekly Idol Game Show' to earn variety of prizes. In front of the tempting prizes, GFriend let their power femininity down for a while and boasted the wild side of ‘Fun-friend’ to bring big laughter to the viewers.

On the other hand, the fun loving GFriend’s powerful entertainment can be seen on May 2nd at 6pm on MBC Every1 'Weekly Idol'. (photo by MBC Plus)

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