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Thu Apr 25

This Lee Yi-kyung-Kang Daniel Blow Away Exhaustion, ‘It’s Dangerous beyond the Blankets’ Jeju Island vacation starts now

2018-05-03 13:08:56
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[by Ent Team] Lee Yi-kyung and Kang Daniel in Jeju Island.

MBC entertainment program ‘It’s Dangerous beyond the Blankets’, scheduled to be broadcasted on May 3, unfolds the story of the two homebodies’ Jeju Island vacation.

On the last episode, we saw Kang Daniel arriving in Jeju Island late in the night. The new episode that will be aired on the 3rd will show the homebody enjoying a relaxing day in Jeju Island.

Kang Daniel, who had not been able to sleep for more than a day due to the busy schedule, was finally able to enjoy a deep sleep in Jeju Island. The sweet dreaming vacation was like a gift.

Lee Yi-kyung, who became a household name through 'Welcome to Waikiki', Investigation Couple', 'Suits', also was in need for a time to recharge as well.

Lee Yi-kyung had not been able to go home for the last four nights because of the late night film schedules, and he couldn’t hide his proudness with the words "This is the most sleep I had within this year” through his Jeju Island trip.

On the other hand, the story of the two homebodies enjoying their joint staycation in warm spring of Jeju Island, and how they each enjoyed their small but unique happiness will be broadcasted on MBC ‘It’s Dangerous beyond the Blankets’ at 11:10PM of May 3rd. (photo by MBC)

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