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Wed Mar 20

Stars showcasing a stylish look in the official event

2018-05-03 13:16:13
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[by Hwang So-hee] The appearance of stars in the official event shows a new aspect to the public that is different from the dramas and movies. In particular, styling that show off the stars’ fashion sense is the essential viewing point of the official events.
Let's complete the glamorous styling by referring to the stars who showed the fashionable look that is not too over the top and find out the new trends of the season.

Uhm Hyun-kyung, Jeong Hye-sung, Jang Yoon-ju, Seo Hyo-rim, Han Go-eun and Minah showed up to an official event and caught the eyes of the public with bright styling filled with spring atmosphere.

If you want to complete a glamorous style like the stars, it is better to use floral patterns and dresses. If you want to make a more bold transformation, it is best to wear suits that give off boyish looks.

There are many people who want to complete fashionable styles like the stars but worry about their body line complexes. If so, try to create a smooth body line with body stretches you can easily follow at home.

Stretching not only increases the flexibility of the body, but also relaxes the muscles to make the body soft and comfortable. If you use a lightweight dumbbell that does not bother your wrist while you stretch, you can achieve more effective results.

Stretching can create a smooth and comfortable body, but it is not enough to make a voluminous body. If you have tried several methods, including stretching, to make a healthy and voluminous body line, but you have not seen a satisfactory result, thinking of breast enlargement surgery can also be a solution to your concerns.

According to Kwon Soon Hong Director, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, South Korea, "The number of people who visit our clinic because they are unhappy with their breast sizes are increasing. If you haven’t seen satisfactory changes after trying various efforts like exercise and breast massage, you can consider breast augmentation as a solution."

Among all breast augmentation surgeries, the method of inserting a teardrop shaped implants is a surgical operation through various measurement considering the anatomical shape, so it is possible to obtain almost perfect results. The use of safe and natural forms of implants, such as Polytech and Motiva, minimizes reconstruction and significantly reduces reoperation rates.

Kwon Soon-Hong Director added, "As the technology of Korean plastic surgery develops and excellence is acknowledged, the number of foreign patients coming to Korea is increasing more and more. If you want to receive breast augmentation in Korea, It is important to make decisions that is right for you, through in-depth counseling with specialists. "

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded the honorable plaque of excellent partner organizations for attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, Korea, is aiming to become a safe plastic surgeon through resident, CPR (Emergency Medical Care) team and 24-hour resident nurse system. In addition, they are equipped with American FED standard and standard 209D operating room with safety standards to ensure the safety and boasts a 20-year no-accident records with the cooperation of skilled specialists.
(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)


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