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Sat Sep 18

Close Look at the Actress Styling at Press Preview

2018-05-08 15:05:47
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[by Huh Gemma] During last month's press previews of various domestic movies, the stylish fashion of the actresses attracted attention of the public.

The actors stood in front of the photo wall to take pictures before the start of the event, and they proudly boasted the sensuous styling that could compete with the awards ceremony seasons. Among them, Im Soo Jung, Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Se-young stood out among the others with sensual styles to match their beautiful appearance to create stylish atmosphere.

Let's take a look at the fashion of the 3 actresses who came out on stage with their unique personality.

# Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung-kyung seemed shy when she appeared at the premiere of the movie "Wrestler" held at a movie theater in Seoul, but she caught the eyes of everyone with her girlish lovely look. From the wardrobe to makeup, she transformed into a 'pink pink' girl and she doubled her sweetness with her bangs and ponytail hairstyle.

   Editor’s Pick  

If you are looking forward to a date with your ‘bae’ this weekend, try on a pink dress that explodes in lovely charm. The voluminous puff sleeves and the naturally widening silhouette of the A-line dress give a dramatic improvement effect to enhance your body line.

# Im Soo Jung

The film preview of the movie "Mothers", which shares a sincerely story of the process of recovering from the sorrows of lost loved ones and the difficulties of newly formed family relations, was held last month. The central character, Im Soo-jung, matched a green silk blouse that made her pale skin stand out even more with a calm A-line skirt to complete a premiere look that was full of feminine and mature charm.

   Editor’s Pick  

Let's give a little modification to the premiere look presented by Im Soo-jung and make it more casual. Instead of a silk blouse, a thin knitted T-shirt and a white mini skirt match will brighten the look and give a younger vibe! Knitted T-shirts are one of the most utilized items because they can be matched with various bottoms and layers.

# Lee Se Young

Lee Se - young, the central character of the movie ‘Duck Town’, boasted the brilliant flower beauty. On the day, Lee Se-young showed off her dazzling beauty by matching a see-through black one-piece dress with open toe black high heels. Her rich wave hairstyle emphasized a refined and feminine look.

   Editor’s Pick  

What if you want to wear a black dress more casually rather than as a formal wear? How about ribbed dress of soft cotton material? The slim fit and the slightly spreading line towards the bottom emphasize femininity, but overall it is a simple design and you can feel free to wear it for any occasion. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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