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Wed Jun 26

‘Burning’ Yoo Ah-in, "Good and evil, good and bad, light and dark... ‘Burning’ is different”

2018-05-14 09:27:38
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[by Kim Young Jae / photo by Cho Hee-sun] Yoo Ah-in emphasized that "burning" is different from the others.

On May 4th, a press conference of the movie "Burning (Director Lee Chang-dong)" was held at the CGV Yongsan I-park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and Director Lee Chang-dong, Yoo Ah-in, Steven Yeun and Jeon Jong-seo attended the event.

At the event, Director Lee Chang-dong mentioned 'young people' as the subject of 'Burning' consistently. When asked what kind of movie "Burning" is from the viewpoint of a young person, Yoo Ah-in explained, “Our movie was rated ‘not suitable for teenagers’. But I think this is a movie that many young people have to watch.”

He continued, "It is hard to be objective, but from the perspective of the audience, ‘Burning’ is a completely different film. It is new movie and starts a new conversation. "It is a film that makes you think about the ethics of movies.” He emphasized the messages were only trapped inside of the movies by adding, “Like good and evil, good and bad, or light and dark, there is a message that we have encountered and fascinated over many times by the movies. But as the director said, everyone receives the message but the world never gets so much better.”

Yoo Ah-in increased our anticipation of the movie with the words, “’Burning’ made me realized the attitude of the movie itself can be more ethical than conveying a clear message or clarity.”

‘Burning’ is a secretive and intense story that happens when Jong-su (Yoo Ah-iin) who works part-time at a distributing company gets introduced to an unidentified male Ben (Steven Yeun) by his friend Haemi (Jeon Jongseo).

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Burning’ is scheduled to release on May 17.

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