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Thu Apr 25

Acting Idol Trio, IU - Yoona - Hyeri

2018-05-14 09:30:19
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[by Hwang So-hee] The members of the girl groups reign over the music industry. They also venture out to drama and movies and show off their charms not only as a singer but as an actor as well.

From singing to acting, what are the secrets of the girl group centers who receive so much love and become the core of any fields?

As the girl group center who are loved for their beautiful appearances and various talents, we can choose IU, Yoonah, and Heyri. They made their debut as a singer, but now they are expanding their field of activity with solid positions as actors.

IU, Yoonah, and Heyri never settle in the role they are known for but continues to change up their image to perfectly embody any characters as a singer and actor. What is the most important thing in transforming them into these countless roles?

If you dream of transforming yourself to show off various charms, the most effective way is to try to transform your image with makeup. The face features are important, but the makeup style that determines the general atmosphere of the person is able to complete various images depending on how you use them.

The nose is the most important factor in determining the beauty of the facial features which can affect the overall mood and image of the face. IU, Yoona and Heyris nose is the most important factors in raising their beauty index.

If you want a sharp nose, let's make a change in makeup. You can make your nose appear sharper by contouring the bridge of the nose.

Use a shadow that is darker than your skin to show contour and use a highlighter to enhance the high point of the nose. By blending the edge with a sponge or brush, you can create natural nose makeup.

You can create higher looking nose with makeup, but it is difficult to completely change the shape or size of your natural nose. So, if you are under a great deal of stress because of your natural nose and dream of a beautiful nose, one solution is to consider surgery.

According to Kim Sung-sik director (Plastic Surgeon) at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Apgujeong, South Korea, “The nose is the center of the face and it has a lot of influence on the overall image. If you are stressed about your bumpy nose or wide nostrils, there is also a way to look for solutions through in-depth consultations with a surgeon"

Rhinoplasty methods depend on the shape of the nose and size, and the type of implant used and the method of operation changes accordingly. Because of this, it is necessary to have a good 1: 1 interview with a specialist as well as finding a hospital that has a reputation for preoperative nose surgery. Kim Sung-sik, director explains, "Rhinoplasty is carried out in various forms depending on the nose shape and problems that individuals have. It is important to change the nose harmoniously considering the facial form of each person rather than aiming only for a higher and sharper nose. "

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded the honorable plaque of excellent partner organizations for attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, Korea, is a "one-stop pre-operative test" that makes accurate diagnosis and analysis of patients’ health status a top priority. An in-house anesthetist specialist is always in the office. For the possibility of an emergency, CPR (emergency response) team and emergency kits are always ready along with UPS uninterruptible power supply that can continue operation during a power outage. Safety of patients and other systems is always given top priority. (photo By JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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