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Mon Mar 25

'Secret Sister' Red Velvet Yeri, "Last year was mentally tough"

2018-05-18 11:08:51
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[by Ent Team] Red Velvet Yeri confessed her deepest thoughts to Han Chae-young.

In the second episode of JTBC4 reality program 'Secret Sister', scheduled to be broadcasted on May 11, the fun chemistry between actress Han Chae-young and Red Velvet’s Yeri will unveil.

'Secret Sister' is a reality program where many younger sisters in the jungle like entertainment industry, and the older sisters who have experienced the same troubles spend one night together and build friendships. In the last broadcast, Han Chae-young and Yeri's awkward but cute first meeting was unveiled and captivated the viewers.

Han Chae-young and Yeri, who spent all day to make secrets and got closer to one another. Decided to have a drink. Yeri prepared food combination from the convenience store to make ‘Yeri Meal’ and ‘Yeri Drink’ and impressed Han Chae-young.

While they were in a deep conversation with few drinks, Han Chae-young asked Yeri, “Do you have any worries?” Yeri shared her deepest thoughts and said, “Last year was mentally tough”. While Han Chae-young sincerely listened to Yeri’s story and comforted her little sister, she surprised everyone by sharing “I always worry about between work and family”.

Meanwhile, Yeri will release her own song "Twenty", which is about her thoughts and worries, for the first time on the show. The second episode of ‘Secret Sister’ will be broadcast on JTBC4 at 8:30 pm on the 11th. (photo by JTBC)

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