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Sat May 25

2018 Baeksang Arts Award, The Center of the Red Carpet is ME!

2018-05-18 11:31:03
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[by Huh Gemma] 2018 Baeksang Arts Award was successfully held on the 3rd. Baeksang Arts Awards started in 1965 and it is a national comprehensive art award presented to producers and performers of the TV and film sector, which was screened for the past year for the development of Korean popular arts and to encourage artists. It is also a festival of the stars, who have shared many joy and entertainment with the viewers for the last year.
In order to unveil the day, camera flashes continued without pause in the emergence of actresses who showed off their beautiful presence. Particularly, the gorgeous dresses of the actresses lit up the red carpet even hotter. What are the dresses that were chosen by the actresses for this year’s Baeksang Arts Award?

Seolhyun, who showed off her body in a sleeveless dress, boasted a perfect body line with an elegant black dress. She added a point with a belt with a silver cubic buckle to a simple dress that could have looked boring, and her red lip point makeup doubled the refined yet sexy charm. Lee Hanui pulled off the white dress that might seem so basic in more trendy fashion than others. By choosing the off-shoulder dress with a sophisticated design, it reveals the sexy and feminine beauty unique to Lee Hanui.

On the other hand, Son Ye-jin from ‘Something is the Rain’, boasted the textbook dress beauty once again. Son Ye-jin, who chose nude tone beige long dress with brilliant beads on her chest and waist line, was able to show off her goddess beauty with elegant and feminine charm. She added a silver tone ring and earrings to highlight her beauty.

Editor's Pick ▶ Do you want to dress like a heroine too?

#WHITE A pure white dress’s sophisticated fit is enough even if it does not have any detail. Rounded sleeves and square necks radiate a cool yet feminine charm. The line itself is luxurious, and it is easy to wear in the formal place, and it is good to match any items such as bags and shoes because it is a clean one tone design. #BEIGE The soft knitted dress that falls down softly is simple but can be as luxurious as ever. A strap wrapped around the neckline gives a comfortable fit to the boat neck style. #BLACK If you are looking for something unique and trendy in a black dress, how about a jacket-type dress? The thin vertical stripe gives a feeling of dandy while the bottom flare adds the feminine sensation. You can also use it as a long jacket when you open the button. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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