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Solutions for Scalp Problems

2018-05-18 12:51:13
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[by Hwang Yeon Do] The saying "The source of all illness is stress" was never wrong.

Hair loss population of Korea has reached 10 million. Experts cited stress as one of the reasons for the rapid increase in hair loss population. It can no longer be considered as a hereditary disease because the hair loss population is increasing exponentially. In the past, it was regarded as a disease only for the older generation, but recently the age has been greatly reduced, so it is not difficult to find symptoms in the young people in their 20s and 30s.

As the number of hair loss population is increasing, related industry and information are pouring out. Most of the methods have little or no effect, but rather cause adverse effects. Especially, hair loss drugs, which are known to be effective, are one of the methods that should not be attempted because they can cause side effects such as decreased sexual ability, rash, gynecomastia, itching, and skin sensitization. If so, how can I get rid of the aching hair loss down cycle?

# Early warning sign of hair loss

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should suspect early hair loss. First, the scalp becomes hard. The scalp exposed to a dangerous situation becomes strained and hardened even to a small irritation. As the muscles are tightened up together, the scalp tightens up too. Second, there is mild pain when you press the scalp. The scalp, which is sensitive to sudden onset, contracts blood vessels to cause poor blood circulation and pain.

Third, hair thins out. If the hair follicles are not properly supplied with nutrition, hair becomes itchy, dandruff increases, and hair becomes thinner. Fourth, sebum on the scalp suddenly increases. If stress cause issues to sebaceous glands, the amount of sebum secretion in the scalp increases abnormally. Repeating such a situation leads to scalp trouble, scalp inflammation, and blocking of pores.

Fifth, you lose more than 100 hairs per day. Usually, healthy people lose about 50 to 70 strands of hair a day. However, if more than 100 hairs are lost a day, suspect early symptoms of hair loss.

# Hair loss, accurate diagnosis and systematic management is the answer

Searching for hair loss treatments or preventative measures on portal sites will give information about lifestyle and good food for hair loss. Of course, they are not the wrong information. However, as is commonly known, it is also true that it is difficult to obtain a satisfactory effect in terms of eating good foods such as black beans, nuts, algae, and eggs.

If you are asking for a way to reliably treat hair loss, I will answer this. As with all diseases, be sure to catch hair loss early on. Identification of symptoms is important for early treatment. Therefore, accurate and careful diagnosis is essential, and then appropriate treatment and systematic management should be done in parallel with your situation.

Dr. Lee So-yeon, Head of the HAESOL Hair esthetic center Pusan national university Branch, said, "Hair loss affects various causes such as environmental pollution, wrong lifestyle, and stress. Because they have different aspects, professional care appropriate to each condition is important. Above all, the key to hair loss solution is time. If you have hair loss symptoms, finding a scalp clinic and getting advice from an expert is the only way to prevent further damage and make quick improvements. " The HAESOL Hair esthetic center Pusan national university Branch is gaining popularity through words of mouth.

On the other hand, the HAESOL Hair esthetic center is conducting an event that discounts various hair loss management programs by up to 75%. It can be used by downloading coupons from the home website or by taking a photo with the camera. It is available with a reservation at 9 locations nationwide. The brand has two more scalp clinics in Seoul addition to Pusan.


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