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Thu Jul 18

Off-shoulder Styling of Feminine Mood

2018-05-18 13:16:03
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[by Hwang So-hee] In May, when temperatures have risen, and clothing has been lightened, many people want to change their styling to match the early summer weather. Especially women who are interested in fashion and beauty want to create various looks for the changing seasons.

What is a special styling item that is perfect for the early summer weather which also boost up the beauty and confidence?

Off-the-shoulder is a style that uses a beautiful curve to complete a feminine mood so many women are highly interested in the item. Off-shoulder is a styling item that is especially suited to early summer weather.

The off-shoulder styling that reveals the shoulder line can make your face appear smaller. If you want a more stylish look, it's a good idea to take advantage of the accessories that will add light to your off-shoulder styling, which can be boring. If you want to create a cute and sporty atmosphere, you should braid your hair and pull to one side or give yourself a wave curls.

It is important to create a line that can emphasize the feminine beauty in order to fully pull off the off-shoulder style with shoulder exposure. Let's achieve the smooth shoulder line with a stretch that loosens the muscles of the shoulders and the trapezium and creates a smoother curve.

If you use the computer or smartphone in a crouching posture with lack of exercise, it causes you to gain weight, loose flexibility and put stress on your shoulders. Therefore, it is important to compensate for the insufficient amount of exercise by stretching in daily life.

Keep your gaze straight, hold your hands up against your head and hold one foot against your other leg for 10 seconds. Change the legs and keep the position in the same way.

If you want to maximize the effect of exercise, it is better to use a light weight dumbbell that won’t restraint your body. Hold your dumbbell and stretch your hands over your head and stretch your waist to the left and right to increase the flexibility of your shoulders and waist and create a smooth line.

Stretching can create a smooth and comfortable body, but it is not enough to make a slim figure. If you have tried several methods, including stretching to create a healthy body and a beautiful line, but you have not got a satisfactory result, thinking about liposuction can be a solution to your worries.

Kwon Soon Hong Director, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center in the center of Korea, said, "If you are having issues while getting dresses because of physical conditions and have tried dieting or stretching but have not made a big difference, considering liposuction is one option.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s 3D surface Liposuction is a method of minimizing the skin using a thin tube. The skin is cut to a minimum, and then a thin ultrasonic rod is used to remove excessively accumulated fat tissue in the body. In addition to liposuction, it is possible to choose a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure using Cool Sculpting Zeltiq, so various methods can be selected according to the purpose of liposuction of an individual.

Kwon Soon-Hong Director added, "As the technology of Korean plastic surgery develops and excellence is acknowledged, the number of foreign patients coming to Korea is increasing more and more. If you want to receive liposuction in Korea, It is important to make decisions that is right for you, through in-depth counseling with specialists."

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded the honorable plaque of excellent partner organizations for attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, Korea, is aiming to become a safe plastic surgeon through resident, CPR (Emergency Medical Care) team and 24-hour resident nurse system. In addition, they are equipped with American FED standard and standard 209D operating room with safety standards to ensure the safety and boasts a 20-year no-accident records with the cooperation of skilled specialists. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)


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