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Mon Mar 25

Winner Kang Seung-yoon Lee Seung-hoon joins ‘King of Masked Singer’ as Judges

2018-05-25 09:21:49
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[by Ent Team] Winner will appear in ‘King of Masked Singer.

In MBC entertainment program ‘King of Masked Singer’ which will be broadcast on May 20, four masked singers will come to the stage in order to defeat the victory of the ‘East Invincibility, who is fighting for her 7th win. Winner Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon joins the judging team to make the heat of studio' even hotter with their colorful charm.

Kang Seung-Yoon and Lee Seung-hoon, who confidently mistaken Ye-won’s ‘Matryoshka’ identity as someon else, became timid for the rest of the show.

Winner’s humble attitude towards to the new masked singer by saying ‘I think the singer is older than us’, ‘I think the singer is much respectable’, and made the whole studio laugh.
But the humble moment was brief, as Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon continued to make sharp comments like "I know exactly who the masked singer is."

Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon, who performed 'Really Really' dance with the masked singers last week, have even showed off their skin for a personal showdown with a masked singer. It is said that the honest and outgoing appearance of the two added to the studio a pleasant vitality.

Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon’s full of charm can be seen on the 20th at 4:50pm, on the Mystery Music Show King of Masked Singer" (photo by MBC)

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