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Mon Mar 25

Go Ar-ah – Sung Dong-il reunion 'Miss Hammurabi', what are the viewing highlights?

2018-05-25 10:02:50
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[by Ent Team] 'Reply 1997' team has joined forces.

The first episode of JTBC’s new Mon/Tues drama 'Miss Hammurabi (directed by Kwak Jung Hwan, written by Moon Yu-suk)' will be broadcast on May 21st. It focuses on the people rather than the big events, and it closely observes the courtroom drama to focus the attention on the birth of the courtroom drama with different dimensions. Before the premiere of the first episode, the actors shared their affectionate invitation message and their favorite point of view and added to the expectation.

Go Ar-ah, who portrays Parkcha Oh-reum, the new and motivated ‘idealist’ judge who has a unique empathy skills to create warm trials. She said, “During the filming of the drama, I couldn’t wait to share the story of the civil affairs section 44, and as we approach the premiere of the first episode, I am more than thrilled. I hope many people will love and encourage our story at Special civil affairs section 44. Please watch the episode during the broadcast.”

She continued, "’Miss Hammurabi’ shows a realistic story that can be shared with the small routine around us through the judge character. It seems that the relationship between the judge Parkcha Oh-reum and the elite judge Im Ba-reun will be the viewing highlight of the show."

Sung Dong-il explained the charm of 'Miss Hammurabi', "'Miss Hammurabi' is a new court drama that will show the law we thought to be heavy and difficult is actually existed in our lives so closely. Please look forward to trials that are full of genuine personality."

Sung Dong-il, who adds human charm to any character, is going to provide emotions and laughter as the 'realist' Chief Judge Han Se-sang, who understands the weight of life. "I am very glad to meet the audience with 'Miss Hammurabi', which we have prepared with all our heart for a long time. I hope you’ll will enjoy the special stories of judges that will bring the fun and warmth to your living room, and please watch the show during the broadcast.”

Meanwhile, JTBC's new Mon/Tues drama 'Miss Hammurabi' enhances the empathy index with a small but realistic story that is relatable. The script is written by Judge Moon Yu-suk, the author of the original book of the same name, and it makes us anticipate the birth of a real life-related court drama. The first episode will be broadcasted on JTBC at 11:00 pm on the 21st. (photo by Studio Andyoo)

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