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Sat May 25

Lee Hyun-yi - Kwak Ji Young - Kim Min Jung, Bling Bling Model Fashions

2018-05-25 11:29:20
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[by Huh Gemma] A few days ago, ‘Cartier creative pop-up boutique’ opening event of brand Cartier was held at K Modern Art Museum in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The photo wall held on the day of the event seemed like a runway with a number of famous models trotting their glamorous aura.

Among them, Lee Hyun-yi, Kwak Ji Young and Kim Min Jung showed of model fashion that cannot be imitated and attracted the attention to prove ‘not everyone can be models’. Let's take a look at the styling of these ladies who showed off various charms of their own.

# Lee Hyun-yi

Model Lee Hyun Lee wore a blue dress with a side slit to boast her superior legs. She chose a refreshing blue dress that made her fair and smooth skin stand out, and she added sophistication with an asymmetrical design. She finished the model force which cannot be imitated by wearing high-heel sandals of satin material with a silver buckle and silver jewelry.
Editor’s Pick  

If you want minimal design that looks good without trying too hard, let’s turn to the material. The slip dress with a lustrous shiny finish that glows to the light is best item to dress up quickly in the busy morning. It’s roomy enough to match innerwear underneath, or it is also easy to match outerwear such as cardigans and jackets.

# Kim Min-jung

Model Kim Min-jung shined the event with bling-bling orange pink fashion. Styled with silk blouses that illuminated her face and long wide legged pants, she turned on her unbelievably mature charm that was beyond her 21 years of age. Here, Coral lip point makeup and gold jewelry gave a point to the fashion which can seem to be flat.

Editor’s Pick

Wide pants that spread out on the bottom are the best items that you can be fashionable and cool during the summer. Wide pants which gives pleasant feeling of soft rustle can create various looks depending on the top and can be appropriately used according to the nature of various meetings. If your petite figure makes it hard to challenge the length, you can always use high heels so we recommend you to try it this season.

# Kwak Ji Young

Kwak Ji Young, who had a private wedding ceremony with model Kim Won-jung, two days before the ceremony, attended the event with a unique charisma. She continued to channel the new bride inside her as she wore all white suit and he showed off her cool and fashionable look by matching silver strap sandals to her clean double breasted suit. By wearing gold ring, bracelet, and long necklace jewelry, she complete her chic and effortless style.

Editor’s Pick 
If you are worrying about the accessory to match a white suit, we recommend Beige or Nude tones. If you mistakenly match the accessories of the primary color series, it may seem too gawky. If you want to feel more feminine here, try gold jewelries or wear a watch or belt if you like more mannish look. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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