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3 Sweet Korean Songs to Set the Mood

2018-05-25 13:56:45
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[by Ma Chae Rim] The genre that leads the 'Korean Wave' has become wider. In the past, idol groups mainly played an important role, but with the development of the platforms, various genres of music are reaching worldwide audience, and the equation of "hanryu=idol" is considered past tense.

Among them, ballad singers are especially prominent. It can considered as singer's Hwang Chi-yeul effect, who has attracted great popularity by singing Big Bang’s "Bang Bang Bang" as well as sweet ballads on the Chinese version of  "I am a singer". For the flowering blooming spring, we introduce sweet Korean songs that will set the mood.

1 Hwang Chi-yeul – A Daily Song

Singer Hwang Chi-yeul, who had the most #1 ranking and ultimately receiving the honor of overall 3rd place on the Chinese version of ‘I am a singer’, started a ‘Hwang Chi-yeul’ syndrome in China. Hwang Chi-yeul made his debut in 2007 with a digital single album, ‘Just Once’, and earned fame relatively late in his career. The title song ‘A Daily Song’ from his first mini album "Be Ordinary", which was released on June 13 last year, is the popular emotional ballad with its charming voice and continues to gain popularity until now.

He has worked delicately this is his first mini album since his debut. The song "A Daily Song" grabs the hearts of listeners by adding a soft piano melody to ordinary everyday life that anyone can relate to. It has been one year since its release, but it still receiving steady love of from the fans, keeping the ranking of real-time charts on many music sites.

2 Yoon Jong Shin – Like it

If you have to choose a song that attracted the most popularity in Korea last year, it is surely Yoon Jong Shin’s ’Like it'. Yoon Jong Shin, who made his debut as a guest vocalist in group 015B in 1990, is the best singer and popular composer in Korea. Yoon Jong-shin, who is presenting a new song every month with a project called 'Monthly Yoon Jong Shin', released a song titled 'Like it' last year and received great love and remained on music site rankings for several months.

Yoon Jong Shin, along with singer MINSEO, released ‘Yes’, a reciprocate song of ‘Like it’, and continued to attract attention with the evaluation that it represented women’s emotions after a break up. Yong Jong Shin's power didn’t end here. With the steady popularity of MBC entertainment program 'Radio Star', he became the host of JTBC variety program 'Heart Signal Season 2' and ‘Movie Room' simultaneously to show off his staying power.

Could it be because of having a solid fan base and a friendly image? Recently, Yoon Jong Shin was selected as a main model of Korea's No.1 Roast Chicken brand 'Goobne Chicken', and came closer to the public. It is a healthy chicken roasted in an oven rather than fried in oil, and it is loved in Korea as well as in China. Especially, 'Honey Curry Basasak Chicken', which is an excellent combination of curry and honey flavor, is enjoyed by both men and women, and it is considered to be the best menu of Greater Chinese area. In addition, a variety of menus including deep cheese chicken, Soy Garlic chicken, and Gochu Basasak chicken attract attention.

3 Loco – Don’t

The popular rapper Loco and Mamamoo’s Hwasa met on the KBS2 entertainment program "Hyena on the keyboard. Loco has been conveying his type was Hwasa from the idol group Mamamoo.  The two people who met through the broadcast portrayed an interesting pink hue chemistry and attracted viewers' attention. The collaborated song 'Don’t' is gaining popularity as it keeps the top spot on the music chart in May.
'Don’t' creates an alluring atmosphere with a sophisticated tone along with Loco’s excellent rapping skills and the sexy voice of Hwasa. It draws a peculiar sentiment line between a man and a woman that can happen with alcohol and is supported by many fans. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, Hwang Chi-yeul 'Be Ordinary' album jacket, Yoon Jong Shin 'LISTEN 10' album jacket, Yoon Jong Shin Instagram, Loco Instagram, KBS 2TV 'Hyena on the keyboard' broadcast capture)


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