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Thu Jul 18

Food Tasting Scene in Korean Entertainment Program that Stimulates Appetite

2018-05-30 14:58:26
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[by Ma Chaerim] Korean Broadcasting system, where various entertainment programs are pouring like a flood. It is certain that there is an eye-catching entertainment program among them. if you only look at popular entertainment programs, the eyes and ears of viewers are enjoyable as to understand the trends in Korea.

Especially, various types of entertainment programs, appearing ordinary person as well as foreigners, is appeared and attract viewer’s attention. As the entertainments that draw their daily life naturally become more numerous, the food tasting scene in the Korean entertainment program collects topics. It conveys trends of Korean entertainment, spectacular entertainment program, and Korean food culture.

# ‘Yo! Welcome to Korea!’ – Seasoned chicken

Yo! Welcome to Korea! an entertainment program of MBC Everyone entertainment, which brings together the pleasure of traveling and the fun of cultural difference through realistic Korean travels of foreign friends who first came to Korea. Three friend of Lucky, an Indian-born broadcaster, who visited Korea last fall, visited Namsan Tower in Seoul and ordered fish & chips, seasoned chicken, and beer.

Shashank, who tasted Korean chicken on the show, highly praised, "I like Korean chicken. I have not tried this in India.” They tasted chicken again the next day. "The chicken and the beer are the perfect combination," Vikram praised, and Lucky, who looked at this, explained ‘Cheek Mack’ in Korea, said, " when you eat chicken and drink beer, you will continue to eat. "

The popular menu 'Chicken', which is loved by Koreans as the most beloved as late-night food. So, a variety of chicken brands coexist. Recently, as more consumers are thinking about health, 'GoobNe Chicken', an oven-baked chicken brand that has been cooked in the oven without being fried in oil, has steadily grown in popularity and is loved by many people in Hong Kong and Macao as well as Korea. The 'Honey Curry Basasac Chicken', a crispy texture with a curry flavor, is the most favorite menu of Hong Kong people.

# ‘Heart Signal Season 2’ – Pork cutlets

‘Heart Signal Season 2' of Channel A’s entertainment program, which has been booming since last season. It is a reality program in which youth and women stay together in 'Signal House' and check their minds about each other, Oh Youngjoo and Lee Kyubin visited the pork cutlets restaurant and were shown a date on the 8th broadcast on May 11. In the broadcast, it attracted attention that Oh Youngjoo introduced the restaurant as a "Excellent Restaurant" he often visited. 

'Anz', a pork cutlet specialty restaurant located in Eulji-ro, Seoul, has its headquarters in Japan and branches in Taiwan and Korea. Pork cutlet specialty restaurant, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the place that informed the start of real triangles of Oh Youngjoo, Kim Hyunwoo and Lee Kyubin. It is the scenery that made the viewer's mouths water with delicious pork cutlets, including the excitement of 'Signal House' where love and jealousy, misunderstandings and confessions exchanged back and forth.

# ‘My ugly my baby’ - Steak

SBS entertainment program, 'My ugly baby', is a program in which mom becomes a speaker and observes her son's daily life and records moments through a device called baby book. Composer and singer, Don Spike, appeared on "My ugly baby," showing aspect of epicure, directing and baking beef chunks by himself.

On the day of the show, Don Spike frightened the viewers by grasping the meat without grinding it. Don Spike said. “It feels good to grab the meat and catch it, but when it is cut, the juice dries up” and attracted the attention of viewers. Hereupon, Don Steak, a compound word with Don Spike and steak, got on searching word of the portal site's real-time search, attracting the attention of netizens. (photo by Captured broadcasting screen from GoobNe, GoobNe Chicken, MBC Everyone 'Yo! Welcome to Korea!', Channel A 'Heart Signal Season 2', SBS 'My ugly baby')


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