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Thu Jul 18

Early Preparation of Long-lasting Makeup in Summer

2018-06-08 12:39:16
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[by Hwang So-hee] As the weather forecast continues to alert us of the early summer heat, the hot summer weather causes out makeup to fall apart ruthlessly. Especially due to the humidity of the continuous rain, the makeup you completed in the morning fail to last half a day.

Summer is wonderful with a clear blue sky that gives a lively feeling, but if you worried about the makeup breaking down when you put so much effort in to it, you should pay attention. We prepared a long lasting makeup in summer that keeps you from worrying about humidity and scorching heat.

With early preparation of summer ready long-lasting makeup, let’s create a makeup look that will not fall apart even after a long time.

# Cover up Blemishes

The core of summer base makeup is to cover up any skin irregularities and imperfections, but finish keep it thin. If you add more layers because you are worried about your makeup falling apart, your sweat and oil can cause your makeup to clump, making it harder to adjust your makeup.


Long lasting with excellent coverage, 3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation is an excellent base makeup that combines the benefits of concealer and foundation to complement skin troubles and irregularities at once. In particular, the spherical powder and silicone powder, which are excellent in sebum control effect, minimize oxidizing and increase the sustainability, so it can keep the makeup fresh all day long.

# Oil removing Powder

If you are worried about your makeup falling apart because of oils after putting in so much effort, let’s use a powder. There is a limit to removing oils with oil absorbing sheets. The powder’s fine particles remove oils and keep your makeup thin, so it is an excellent makeup item in summer.


3CE Pink Rumour Satin Chiffon Loose Powder is a pink beam powder that has clean finish and gives smooth texture without oiliness. It has a long lasting effect due to its excellent fixing effect and  the powder particles with added moisturizing effect prevents dryness provides smooth finish.

# Smear Proof Zero Mascara

The most vulnerable part of the oil attack is eye makeup. The mascara that smears in tears and oil is hard to adjust unlike base makeup. If you want to create appealing eyelashes without smearing, you should fix it with a fixer after you put on mascara.


3CE Fixer & Mascara is a dual type with transparent fixer and pigment mascara, which produces voluminous lashes, and is excellent for producing doll-like eyelashes. The peanut shaped brush fills up the each strand of eyelashes, and the transparent fixer coats to prevent water, sweat and oil from smearing the product. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda 3CE)


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