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Sat May 25

Song Ji Hyo - Krystal - Yoon Bora, A Romantic Spring Look

2018-06-08 12:49:04
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[by Huh Gemma] In warm weather, beautiful flowers are blooming all over the country. Everyone is busy enjoying outdoors with my family, friends, or lovers with excited heart. Let's take a look at our lovely styling tips that will make you feel even better.

If you want to create an atmosphere full of love like a heroine in a comic book, you can refer to Yoon Bora's flower dress look. The wrap-style dress allows you to adjust the waistband freely, so you can wear it lightly and comfortably depending on the fit you want. The flower print alone adds enough points so you can get stylish without any jewelry. If you match the shoes in the same pink tone, you can complete your dating styling with a loving atmosphere.

Editor’s Pick  

A flower print dress reminiscent of a blooming flower field that has endured the long cold weather is an essential item for sunny weather. The dress, which is in sleeveless style, can sometimes create a loving and sometimes sexy diverse look depending on which inner you match with. It is also possible to use it as a bikini cover-up in the midsummer at the beach as well as a daily wear.

What if you are a woman who is not into ‘overly feminine’ or ‘too lovely’ styles for spring? If you are a chic woman that pursues sophisticated style without trying too hard, turn your interest to white. There are new colors and patterns every year that becomes the trend, but white always transcends these trends. Crystal, an acclaimed fashionista, also chose a White Look for her official appearance. She matched gold jewelry with her midi-length dress with the clavicle slightly exposed to create the urban charm.

Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for such a dress that does not seem you put too much effort in to it but still looks put together, pay attention. A solid white-colored wrap dress with a thin, crisp summer texture will give you a pleasant feeling and it would be your best ally in the summer. A pair of pin-tucked puff sleeves add volume and the overlapping skirt gives a feminine charm like a tulip.

Midi skirts that fall into a clean H line are the best items for those who prefer a feminine mood. Song Ji-hyo's styling that matches a lovely pink skirt and a voluminous white blouse is fashion style that can emphasize stylishly feminine mood in a sunny spring day. But be careful if you are vertically challenged. Midi-length skirts can ruin the ratio for those with smaller height. In this case, you can compensate by matching a shorter skirt with a proper heels.

Editor’s Pick 
Let’s grab the hearts of men with spring season must-have item, Can-can skirt. The ruffle skirt, which tickles your heart, goes well with casual t-shirts and feminine blouses and can create various moods. The added ruffle on top of the banding cinch the waist and the overall silhouette appeals more loving look. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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