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Thu Jul 18

How to enjoy Hong Kong’s June Festivals

2018-06-08 18:55:51
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[by Ma Chae Rim] The festivals are always fun. Moreover, the festivals you encounter during a trip are more fun and new. If you are dreaming of a place full of festivals, why don’t you visit Hong Kong? Hong Kong's most popular June festivals are the Duanwu Festival and the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival.

If you are wondering how to enjoy the various festivals in Hong Kong, you may want to pay attention. We introduce Hong Kong June festival information and the delicious food to enjoy the joy of festivals including Duanwu Holiday’s representative food 'Zongzi'.

# Duanwu Holiday

It is customary to eat Chinese food called ‘Zongzi’, which is a kind of sticky rice cooked on bamboo leaves, on Duanwu Holiday, May 5th of the Chinese lunar calendar. The food is made by wrapping various ingredients such as glutinous rice, jujube, meat, chestnut, and peanut in the bamboo leaves and steamed it.

If you visit China and Hong Kong in during the Duanwu Holidays, why not try Zongzi and put on a five color thread bracelet? There is a tradition of wearing a five color thread bracelet on the wrist at the Duanwu Festival, and it is believed if you cut the bracelet on the first rainy day from Duanwu and float it away in the river or the ocean, your back luck will flow out with it.

There is also a traditional ritual known as Dragon Boat Carnival. The Dragon Boat race, which has a history of more than 1,000 years, is a tradition passed down from an ancient legend that people sailed the boats to save those who drowned during a shipwreck.

# Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival is one of the most popular festivals in Hong Kong. It is a Chinese traditional festival that takes place every summer in front of Victoria Harbor's modern skyline. A race that takes place across the coast of Hong Kong. Watching 20 people gathering their strength together on a boat is exhilarating.

Beer festivals also take place, so you can’t ask for more as a tourists. If you enjoy festivals with spectacular Dragon boats and numerous audiences, you will have double the fun.

# Festival Food

 1 Goobne Chicken Hongkong Central Store, where you can enjoy Korea’s NO.1 Oven-Roasted Chicken Brand in Hong Kong Central, has a wide range of customers with its neat interior, excellent accessibility and various menus. In particular, regardless of nationality, both men and women, 'Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken' has been steadily loved since the launch and it’s Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central's steady seller menu. In addition to this, there are Gochu Basasak Chicken, Original Oven Chicken as well as exotic Deep Cheese Chicken and Soy Garlic Chicken.

2 Hong Kong Night Market Temple Street, Hong Kong is the most crowded local area and a night snack paradise. The colorful signboards provide a spectacular sight to see, and this place is full of diverse food to attract tourists as well as locals. Temple Street, famous for its seafood, has a variety of dishes, including fried rice, fish, crab and shrimp. After the festival, why not enjoy midnight snacks while watching the scenery of Hong Kong with cool beer?

3 Hong Kong Sales # 1 Blue Girl Beer. It is nice to enjoy some draft beer in Hong Kong Central and Lan Kwai Fung, but if you are on a trip, it will be more memorable to taste the real Hong Kong beer. The 'Blue Girl' beer, one of the top selling beers in Hong Kong, is one of the must-try beer during your trip in Hong Kong. Danish Carlsberg beer, which has a factory in Guangdong province, is characterized by a high level of alcohol and a deep taste. In addition, beer of San Miguel, Qingdao, and Jack Daniel Cola are beers that Hong Kong people enjoy, so it would be good to try it for yourself.
(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Blue Girl official website)


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