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Thu Jul 18

VIXX’ Ravi, story behind on tear while sending video letter to best friend Taemin and Kai?

2018-06-15 13:42:33
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[by Ent team] VIXX, member Ravi is going on ‘Video Star’
On Jun., 12, the MBC Everyone, in show ‘Video Star: Watch out for energy suction! Too much is the first class”, four men who fall in love with work: Lee Sangmin, Kim Iljoong, Park Jiwoo and VIXX Ravi are planning to show their talent on the show. 

On this episode, Ravi drawing attention by saying “I have over 110 copyrighted songs”; showing off the fourth highest song number among male Idol. The Mc expressed curiosity saying “are you fourth in copyright income?” Ravi envied by MC and guests by introducing the income from copyright along with music source revenue. His biggest music revenue, which created admirations among studio, will be revealed through the show.

At the studio, Ravi surprised the studio revealing the fact that he does not create group chat with well-known best friends, EXO Kai and SHINee Taemin. Ravi gained great sympathy from by same Idol, Sunny for explaining why he doesn’t create the group chat.

Ravi then sent video letter to his best friends, Taemin and Kai and surprised others with tears. His became emotional thinking about his friend who just been through tough time. Ravi’s sincere video letter with tear can be seen on the show.

The MBC Everyone ‘Video Star’ will be air on June 23rd, 08:30 PM (poto by MBC Everyone)

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