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Sun Aug 18

‘Somvely’ Isom’s #Fashionstargram

2018-06-15 13:46:02
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[by Heo Jemma] It is highly unlikely to find an actress who spends her 20’s as busy as actress Isom. She started her career as a model by winning the Mnet’s model auditioning program, ‘Check It Girl’ in 2008; afterward, she shifted her career path to acting. She is steadily building her own filmography by expanding her acting spectrum through various pieces such as ‘High Heel’, ‘Santa Barbara’ ‘Scarlet Innocence’, ‘Like for likes’ ‘My Little Brother’ and ‘Microhabitat’. 
Also, as an ex-model, she has becoming a wannabe star among 2030 women with her unique fashion style. Her unique fashion worn by her superior proportion and leg length is one of the fun point to enjoy her acting.

This coming summer, if you are wondering what to wear in front of closet, Let’s take a look into Isom’s styling varies freely from comfortable daily look to formal look for formal seating to learn more about this summer fashion look. 

Last month, Isom draw an attention by appearing in a brand event wearing a cool-fascinating looking floral pattern one-piece. Showing the combination of long sleeveless long one-piece dress to emphasize her long-thin arm with simple ear ring, think watch and black strap heel that is not too excessive but still sensible look. 
Editor’s Pick  

A flower print dress has high utilization that can be worn in various locations depending on material and style thus, it is an item to have to use throughout summer. Especially a long one-piece, looks like it was born for the summer vacation, can be worn stylish with comfort because of its silhouette.

The hidden point for a one piece that just look comfortable at first sight is the back side. Through provocative cut-out, you can appeal your hidden charm by showing off the line.

Actress Isom appeared in a VIP preview of the Movie “Burning” with neat yet fresh casual look. By matching white short sleeve T shirt emphasizes her white small face with wide denim pants, she shows her unique retro style. As an Ex-model, Isom pull off the style that could have looked country style into her unique style. 
Editor’s Pick  

White top and Denim Pants can never go wrong in any season! Remember, with a well purchased denim pants, you can significantly reduce the time wondering in front of your closet every morning. Since it goes great with either comfortable t-shirt or a fancy blouse, you can style in numerous way depending on type of meeting and place. Also there is an extra bonus to have a longer looking leg with its high-waist design.  

 Actress Isom drawn an attention with her provocative style at the opening ceremony taken place at the Busheron pop-up store in Seoul. According to the words on street, Isom appealed simple but restrained sexiness in a black slim dress that emphasize slim body. On top of that, black strap heel with gold and green jewels combination with a red lipstick makeup added more points to her style.

Editor’s Pick  

Most women can agree with the statement that one-piece is truly one of a kind item for the summer. A cool, comfortable linen one-piece dress give skin a soft fit that gives moral boost. Also, the design that falls to a flat line gives formal impression can be useful for formal setting. Once again, the provocative U-back line can be filled with a button reduces burden of exposure. (photo by bnt News DB, Style Nanda)

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