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Summer Makeup Tip That Will Make You a Vacation Goddess

2018-06-15 13:55:15
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[by Hwang Sohee] With temperature reaching over 30 C in the middle of the day, it is June with steaming heat. Nevertheless, the vacation season is back with the early summer heat. Now, Let’s pay attention to this if you are planning for a vacation that will cool down the summer heat.

There is one thing we can’t miss out from summer vacation: aquatic activity that will cool down your overheated minds and body; however, there are some concerns about make-up being removed after having a blast at the water park or the beach. 

For those who are concern about this issue, I have prepared summer make-up with strong waterproof makeup that will enable you to stay longer in water and of course, juice make-up that will add refreshment and freshness to make you a vacation goddess. Why don’t we make a hot memory with this year’s summer make up?

▶ Healthy skin texture!

The summer base make-up has to be as light as your clothes become lighter due to hot summer weather because the thick make-up to cover flaws and UV rays can easily dissolve by strong sunlight and water.


If you want to express the smooth healthy skin texture while covering flaws, consider base product that can modify the skin tone and block UV rays. On top of that, choose waterproof product that stay still from outdoor activity such as aquatic activity.

3CE White Milk Cushion, mange clear and clean skin, adds refreshment to overheated skin by giving a cooling affect with strong UV protection. Not only the healthy skin expression from rich tone up effect that strongly resist against water and sweat, but also it doesn't stick together when you double apply it, it is perfect for the vacation make up item.

▶ No Mona Lisa! hit perfection with eyebrow tattoo

After enjoying aquatic activity, all of the sudden, the delicately drawn eyebrow disappears without noticing. Especially, an eyebrow make-up is more concerning because it can be a huge factor on a person’s impression and be very effective to express various image based on its shape.

At the waterpark and the beach, a clean natural make-up is more appropriate than perfect smoky makeup. Let’s utilize long lasting eyebrow tattoo that stays strong against water and sweat.


3CE Longwear Tattoo Eyebrow Marker is a henna tattoo that stays maximum one week with its strong long lasting effect. User can safely perform self-tattoo makeup without any irritation due to its natural ingredient and with its easy drawing marker tip; a starter can easily draw an eyebrow shape in natural color.

▶ Fruity-point Make-up

Fruity Make-up with lovely charming can be a perfect make-up combination that can enlighten fresh summer mood. Especially, it is more appropriate to give accent with strong colored light make-up to add charm rather than putting thick full make-up for hot and humid summer weather.

For lip point make-up, Let’s express sexy, bouncy-refreshing charm with healthy color by choosing a red color that can bright your face up. At this time, it will be better for the type of lip product to choose tint product that the color lasts for a long time.


3CE Velvet Lip Tint express natural gradation lip with smooth velvety finish texture that instantly blends in when you put it on your lips. Especially, rose pink colored UPSOLVED brightens your face with bold and rich color like it is under the studio light. (photo by bnt News DB, Style Nanda 3CE)

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