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Sun Feb 17

Go Ara -Jeong yumi-Gin Giju, Secret of heroines beauty

2018-06-15 14:10:54
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[by Hwang sohee] Drama with strong story line and great actors become an issue attracting the public. Especially, the flowers of drama, the heroines’ attractive style and doll-like beauty are also point of view.

Heroines in the drama draw audience’s attention not only with their amazing acting but also with their beauty. Who are these heroines armed with acting and beauty?

Beloved by the people with doll-like beauty, Go ara, Jeong Yumi and Gin giju catches eyes with not only acting but with outstanding beauty.

Especially their common denominators are thin facial structure and sharp feature. Let’s become V-line face with perfect proportion ones like Go ara, Jeong Yumi, Gin giju has through facial massage.

The important thing to make thin and petite face is to release tight muscles on the face and manage it from becoming swollen time to time; however, there is always a limitation to get treatment that cost lots of time and money. Let’s manage our face simply by following face massage technique that anyone can follow through.

If you repeatedly sweep up the face from bottom to time, it is a facial massage to create V-line face. It is excellent because it releases the tight skin of the jaw line and stimulates to remove swelling from your chick bones. Especially, you can achieve visual effect when you slowly press the jaw muscles that forms when you chew food.

Self-massage may be helpful toward releasing tight muscle and remove swelling from one’s face but without persistency, it is likely to be a temporary measure. Also there could be a facial structure that just simply cannot be treated with facial massage. People with this sort of complex should consider facial outline surgery as a solution.

Dr. Kim seongsik (Plastic Surgeon), head of JK plastic surgery clinic in heart of Korea, Gangnam said “if the jaw is larger or lower part of ear is located too downward, it creates dull and strong image that concerns many people. If the facial structure cannot be corrected even after attempting a facial massage treatment, consider a V-line jaw surgery that will trim the facial profile”

Dr. Kim seongsik said “if a facial outline surgery only shoots for small face, it will create an artificial line from excessive trimming. In order to prevent this, it is wise to consult with a well-trained specialist and decide the operation that is best for you”

JK Plastic Surgery clinic, the first Korean hospital to attract foreign patient, use ‘One Stop Testing” through pre-operative medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment to make accurate analysis and diagnosis its patient as a top priority. Moreover, there is anesthesiologist stationed at the clinic 24/7; has a record of 20 years without a medical incident by partnership between specialists and professions. In addition, to consider any possibility of unavoidable medical emergency that could possible harm patient, the clinic established CPR (Emergency Response) team, acquired emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that provides own power line for surgery under black out, self-pain control device, CPM monitoring system and more to keep patients safety as top priority. (photo by JK plastic surgery clinic, bnt News DB)

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