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Hong Kong Shopping Hot Place & A Must Shopping List

2018-06-22 10:04:50
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[by Ma Chaerim] Hong Kong, called as the paradise of shopping. A place of banquet with various brands as well as the luxury, is able for shopping at anytime and anywhere, so that there are tourists to visit Hong Kong for the purpose of shopping only. In on-line, a must shopping list of Hong Kong is spreading out and shared among travelers.
However, unlike the trend, there may be the people who are wandering about in the street where or what item could be purchased. If you are curious about the hot place to be noticeable among so many shops, please pay your attention to this. Now, here are Hong Kong’s shopping hot places and a must shopping list.

Hong Kong’s Shopping Hot Places

If you are searching for a complex shopping mall that has everything in it, let’s move to Harbor City without any hesitation. Harbor City, located in Tsim Sha Tsui which is the center of Khao Rong Peninsula, is so called ‘'dinosaur shopping mall' that 4 huge buildings are connected. It is the representative shopping mall of Tsim Sha Tsui and good place to visit for traveler who is the first time in Hong Kong. Because the buildings are connected in rows, please keep in mind as it is easy to get lost without road map.    

Times Square, located in the center of Causeway Bay which is the shopping town, is also a complex shopping mall that represents Hong Kong Island. It is not as Harbor City, but it boasts its overwhelming scale compared to other shopping malls. Times Square is a famous sight that locals visit frequently, as it has very nice restaurants to have a meal with shopping. And it is also a big advantage that access is excellent to be connected with MTR Causeway Bay station.

Hong Kong’s A Must Shopping List

Various Honk Kong Cookie, it is one of a must shopping list in Hong Kong. The hot and sweet Egg tart of Thai Cheong Bakery, Jenny Cookie of Jenny Bakery, Kee Wah Bakery with eye-catching Panda Tin Case, Moon Cake, Wipe Cake, etc. are good shopping items as a gift for your acquaintances.

If you want to purchase jewelry and watches, please visit the areas of Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Central, Causeway Bay. The products that sellers try to negotiate on the street are almost imitation, it needs to be careful. The persons who are interested in cosmetics needs to check out Bonjour and Mannings, Drug stores. It is convenient because it is able to purchase popular beauty products such as fresh DARLIE toothpaste, Swiss vitocreme and swallow nest mask pack. And Gucci cosmetics products that can purchase at Gucci shop in department store are also eye-catching items for travelers.

Besides, oyster sauces, XO sauces and Toban Djan, which are able to purchase easily at supermarket, are good products to present friends who love cooking. White flower oil, called as panacea of Hong Kong, can be purchased at pharmacy, and ‘Florida Water’ which is natural organic oil mist that has continuous popularity from locals, is also worthy of purchasing in case of Hong Kong visit.   

Must-stop best restaurants when you go to Hong Kong

1 GoobNe Chicken’s Hong Kong Tsinan branch, No.1 roast chicken brand of Hong Kong that boasts consistent popularity, is characterized with the interior of pleasant and sensitive and various menus. It is the advantage to be roasted as a cooking way, not to be fried and to enjoy a healthy taste. ‘Honey Curry Basasac Chicken’ which is a popular menu is widely loved widely by everybody with the taste of crispy and sweet. Besides, various kinds of menu such as Original Oven chicken, Derry Barbecue chicken, Red Pepper Basasac chicken, Volcano chicken, Deep cheese chicken, are prepared and captivate the taste of locals and tourists.

2 Jenny Bakery, Jenny Cookie which is no exaggeration to say that it is the representative cookie of Hong Kong. Jenny Cookie, rich butter scent with soft texture, melts in mouth as soon as bites. It also can be purchased overseas, but much cheaper to purchase locally. It’s a famous sight in the tour of Hong Kong. The headquarters of Jenny Bakery is located at near the Tsim Sha Tsui Station and is able to find easily by searching the Mirado Mansion through Google Map.(photo by GoobNe, GoobNe Chicken, Official Web site of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Instagram of Harbor City, Web site of Times Square, Web site of Jenny Bakery)  


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