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Suzy-Yoona-IU, what is the secret to the onion-like charm?

2018-06-22 10:28:01
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[by Hwang Sohee] In the entertainment industry, there has been increase in the number of entertainer who not only settle in one field but show talents in many fields, showing off as multi-talented entertainers. In particular, female singer who are loved for her onion-like charm tries out acting field; Amusing people’s eyes and ears.

Stars are not only eye-catching looking but also good at singing and acting. Who are these onion-like stars that show full of energy in various fields?

Suzy, Yoona, and IU, who look like dolls escaped from the comic books, are not only recognized as singers but also establishing their career as actors. In any field: acting, singing; they overwhelm the crowd with their outstanding charm.

The similarities between colorful charms of Suzi, Yoona and IU are eye drawing features. Let’s look into the makeup TIP that will help you to make clear features like them.

If you want to direct the different image, you can create different style through make up. The natural given face is important but the makeup that determines persons’ overall mood can be shown in various way by executing what type of style you choose to do for that day.

The most important part of the face in making clear features is nose. It could affect the overall mood depending on its shape and length.

If you want to direct the sharp nose, it is good to utilize shading and highlighter. Let’s emphasize your nose by using the highlighter after giving the contrast in both side on nose by shading with dark color than skin tone. You can create sharp nose by blending the nose and chic by using the sponge or brush at the end.

You may express the sharp nose with makeup but it is hard to completely change the shape of natural nose’s shape and size. That is why, it could be a solution for those who has been distress over nose and wants beautiful nose to consider a surgery.

Kim Seongsik, director of the JK plastic surgery clinic, said “As the nose is the center of the face, it affects the overall image a lot. If you are stress about the usual shape of your nose such as a hooked nose or poncho, you should consult a specialist to find a solution”.

The type of prostheses depends on the shape or size of the nose. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a reputable hospital for nose surgery and have a deep one on one consulting with a specialist before the nose surgery. Kim Seongsik advised “For nose surgery, depends on individual’s problem, it could proceed in different way. Instead of just aiming for the higher nose, it is important to raise one’s nose in a harmonious way after considering one’s facial shape”.

JK Plastic Surgery clinic, received a reward of merit from an excellent cooperative organization for foreign patients in Gangnam District, uses ‘One Stop Testing” through pre-operative medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment to make accurate analysis and diagnosis its patient as a top priority. Moreover, there is anesthesiologist stationed at the clinic 24/7; has a record of 20 years without a medical incident by partnership between specialists and professions. In addition, to consider any possibility of unavoidable medical emergency that could possible harm patient, the clinic established CPR (Emergency Response) team, acquired emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that provides own power line for surgery under black out, self-pain control device, CPM monitoring system and more to keep patients safety as top priority. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)


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