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Thu Jul 18

This summer’s “Vacay Fashion” taught by Sunmi

2018-06-22 11:16:05
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[by Heo Jemma] The summer vacation season is coming. I’m sure there must be a lot of you out there planning for upcoming summer vacation already. There are so many things to plan ahead such as Accommodation, destination and transportation but isn’t the most important thing to consider to fully enjoy the summer vacation is styling? But it is difficult than you think to pick an outfit that is comfortable and be “OODT” (Outfit of The Day).

The choice of outfit can be vary depending on the purpose of traveling, destination, climate and more. In order to solve these concerns, if you are one of those people who search for “vacay stylish look”, let’s pay attention to this. If you refer to one of the best fashionista of the Korean entertainment, Sunmi’s outfit, it will ease your distress.

Sunmi is known as someone who pulls off the most recent trend of “Dress effortless but look sharp” look with ordinary items. Also, she has a secret weapon which is… lip point make up! Let’s pay close attention to Sunmi’s daily look to complete the most stylish traveling outfit. 

The robe that you would wear in the bathroom after shower is now in being worn in public. Robe has drawn attention and become major product by many brands as recent trend lean toward fashion items that are comfortable and stylish. The Robe’s popularity has gone higher lately especially just a step before the summer. Sunmi also follow the trend by finishing comfortable but elegant looking airport look.

   Editor’s Pick  

Robe can be utilized in numerous way. It is good to wear indoor under the cold air conditioned indoor; you can direct the summertime mood look at night. Also you can use it as a gown on top of bikini top in vacation spot or in an airplane with cold climate. Since the robe is one of the essential summer fashion item with high utilization either in vacation and daily life, make sure you look into it. 

When we are talking about traveling outfit, it is easy to just pack the comfortable clothes but you cannot take out items that will amplify the summertime memory at the romantic site. Let’s prepare unique patterned one-piece dress for the girl’s night or the dinner party at the last day of dreamy summer vacation. A unique pattern dress or outstanding color like the red silk one-piece dress that Sunmi wore at a brand event site can draw attention anywhere you go and allow you to direct lively and stimulated vacation look. 

   Editor’s Pick 

What about to pack a flower red dress that the river of flower flows down the entire dress? A red dress with a highly finished silhouette such as puff sleeve material or fill can create a fascinating mood in summer vacation spot. Also, it can be utilize in various way: a robe when the waist straps are removed. If you want to leave a once in a life “OODT” picture in a romantic vacation spot, don’t miss this dress. 

Not long ago, Sunmi showed up at the Incheon International airport in the perfect example of “Tourist Look” fashion. On a day of tour of the city, try to complete the casual and stylish style with basic saw, denim pants and rider jacket just like the Sunmi’s airport look. You can top the notch by adding a match sunglasses, mini shoulder bags and comfortable shoes that will add more points in fashion. 

   Editor’s Pick  

When it comes to summer vacation, it worries the most when you are packing the outer clothes. No matter how hot of a country you are going to, there are often occasions when you have to protect your skin from high temperature or ultraviolet rays. In this case, there is nothing better than a rider jacket. In the case of wearing rider jacket, wear a little thick inner wear with white or blue color rider jacket to wear it when it needed. You will be able to pull off the sharp-stylish vacay look. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)


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