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Wed Jun 26

'LAN Life' Lee Young-ja - Kim Sook, behind-the-scenes cut released... 'expectations UP'

2018-06-28 09:52:25
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[by Ent Team] The behind cut of the MC's poster photo shoot was released for the first time.

JTBC "LAN Life" is a reality program that observes the life of one-person content creators and delves into the lives behind the camera. The famous comedians Lee Young-ja and Kim Sook were selected as co-MCs, and the news confirmed appearances of famous content creators ‘Great Library’ and ‘BANZZ’ has created a stir before the first broadcast.

Inside the newly released behind cut of the ‘LAN Life’ poster photoshoot, Lee Young-ja catches the eyes with her signature laugh and confident posture. She proved her ‘trustworthy Lee Young-ja’ veteran status by perfecting any pose request. Also, Kim Sook used a magnifying glass to express cute expression and poses full of personality, making the photo shoot atmosphere of the poster even more enjoyable.

In addition, the two MCs showcased twin-like comical poses and boasted a fantastic chemistry. They fascinated the staff of the scene with a professional aspect by actively offering ideas and reviewing the photos closely after the shoot.

Once the camera began rolling for the show, the two MCs, along with the 4 content creators, showed off their trademark humors and delightful jokes to turn the studio upside down with laughter. This raised the expectation of the crazy-beautiful partnership of the top 1% female comedians of South Korea.

Meanwhile, JTBC's new entertainment program 'LAN Life' will take the place of 'Begin Again 2' and the pilot episode is scheduled to be broadcasted at 9 pm on July 6. (photo by JTBC)

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