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Sun Feb 17

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic Bae Jun-sung, Elasticum Thread Lifting '100-minute Debate'

2018-06-28 10:27:13
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[by Hwang So-hee] JK Plastic Surgery Clinic Director Bae Jun-sung participated in the 100th debate on Elasticum Thread Lifting held on April 21st as a main lecturer.

On the day of the debate, a large number of medical professionals, including the Director of the Plastic Surgery Hospitals, gathered to discuss the cautions for Elasticum. At the debate, Director Bae Jun-sung conducted a topic lecture as a speaker and answered questions.

Elasticum is an elastic band made of special material developed in Italy. The high elastic band made of polyester wrapped around the silicone rather than a barbed thread provides more comfort after the procedure. Especially, the ability to stretch and restore according to the movement of the muscles is excellent, and the result of the procedure is maintained for a long time. In addition, it can be sued for the face, as well as for the neck lifting and the hip-up procedures, and the movement of the face after the procedure is natural.

Bae Jun-sung director emphasized, even for the non-incision lifting, the procedure must be performed at the plastic surgery facility which has rich anti-aging procedures and surgery experiences along with operation rooms and systematic safety equipment to assure safety.

He added, "I will continue to study to make more effective and satisfactory results in the field of anti-aging.”


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