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Thu Jul 18

How to use a white blouse by female stars

2018-06-28 10:32:19
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[by Huh Gemma] Summer is the most fashionable season of the year but it is also difficult season to choose clothes. It is very difficult to choose an item that is light and breezy as well as stylish. If you have to choose one of the items that you can wear well for the rest of the summer, you must consider a white blouse.

The white blouse, which gives a cool and refreshing feeling even in hot weather, brightens your face and matches well with any fashion item. This makes it a must-have item in the summer season.

The white blouse can also be used in daily wear and matches well for a date and vacation spots depending on the design and material. So let's look at the various white blouse styling that the stars have worn and find the coordination that suits me.

▶ If you want a feminine and sophisticated look, ‘chiffon blouse’

For those who prefer a clean and neat look, let's take a look at the styling of actor Go Ah-sung at the OCN drama 'Life on Mars' production presentation. White chiffon blouse with flowy material brings clean and feminine charm, and it is good to wear regardless the nature of the place. If you follow Go Ah-sung’s style and tuck in the blouse to a black skirt with embellished hem, it will create more neat look and better body ratio.

If you want to feel a little more luxurious, you can also use gold jewelry. However, it is good to refrain from gaudy and large jeweler that breaks the overall style. Keep in mind the pearl earrings or the gold wrist watch with thin straps that matches the mood of feminine and gentle look will add a simple point.

   Editor’s Pick 
If you have a date with your significant other on the coming weekend, why don’t you try on a white chiffon blouse? A mini punching shirring blouse with a romantic atmosphere with the rich ruffle design transform you into a lovely girl as soon as you put it on. The material is also soft and comfortable to provide a pleasant feel.

▶ Cute and lovely 'off shoulder blouse'

The off-shoulder blouse, which reveals the shoulders, is perfect to boast a lovely atmosphere. But if you wear a short pant or short miniskirt as a bottom, it can be too much exposure for the person who is wearing it and for those who are looking at it. Let's complete a casual style with denim jeans like Irene. If you want a more feminine look, you can match a flared skirt or a pleated skirt item that comes to your ankle.

It is also good to enhance the completeness of the style by adding points with sophisticated accessories. If you add a raffia hat or a rattan bag that has emerged as a trend item this summer, you will be able to complete trendy and sensual style. Finally, let's put on a simple necklace to enhance the chic mood.

   Editor’s Pick  

Off-Shoulder Top is one of the most loved items in the summer season and is an item that can create an attractive atmosphere with different moods in daily life and in vacation spots. A white blouse that is short pelvic length crop top with a point of the eye-catching lively sleeve has a strong presence that will stand out in a crowd at any vacation spots.

▶ If you want to boast your own personality unlike others, 'See-through Blouse'

If you want to wear a white blouse in a more special way, why not try see-through design? Jessica, a known fashionista celebrity, chose a white see-through blouse with icy blue denim jeans along with a white ankle boots to wear a white blouse in a special way that was different than others. 

She also didn’t miss a point by making an excellent decision to carry a white and black color scheme bag. As such, the white blouse has a high utilization because the look can be varied depending what you wear on the bottom. For the time being, the popularity of see-through white blouses using romantic details such as lace and frills is expected to continue, so we recommend you try it this summer.

   Editor’s Pick  

See-through is not all the same. The reporter's choice of white see-through blouse boasts a special visual with rhythmic blend of netting material and lace. The lace-frilled with a vertical and neatly arranged design and the wide-sleeved with a banding finish give this glamorous fit will present a distinctive presence in any position. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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