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Thu Jul 18

The age of custom wine, is there a wine that is a perfect match with your DNA?

2018-07-06 11:29:42
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[by Chae-Rim Ma] Have you ever felt lost when you’re choosing a wine? Maybe it is every time. There is a reason for that. There are thousands of wines in the world, and some prefer sweet taste and some prefer dried taste. The choice of wine also depends on the weather, purpose of the meeting and the atmosphere of the environment.

According to a recent study, a person’s DNA also plays a role in choosing wines. Even if it’s same wine, it may taste different depending on the person. For example, genes such as FTO or SLC2A2 are involved in tasting the sweetness of the wine. Therefore, a wine that is considered delicious to other people may not taste the same to you.

If this is so, wouldn’t it be important to find a wine that suits your taste bud perfectly? MyGenomeBox’s Personalized Wine is an application that indicates the sensitivity of the wine taste that you feel based on the results of your gene analysis. The taste of wine is mainly determined by five factors. The acidity depends on the maturity of the grapes; Body, which means the volume felt in the mouth, Tannin, which means the bitterness, Fruity, which means the flavor of the fruit or flower, Sweetness, which is the opposite of Dryness.

This app tells you how the 5 elements match with your genes. For example, Mr. A's analysis is relatively less susceptible to sourness, body and sweetness, and more sensitive to fruit flavors. Therefore, a high acidity, body, sweetness and low fruit flavor at the same time is a good match.

The application does not only provide results.  Even if you know the results based on your genetic information, it is not easy to recall a particular wine among countless wines. In order to alleviate these troubles, a professional sommelier recommends a wine that suits your taste bud perfectly based on the analysis results.

Many people enjoy wine to celebrate a special day. Rather than choosing wines according to people's word of mouth, why not try out 'Personalized Wine' for yourself?

MyGenomeBox offers a genome-based economic open platform through “DNA App Store" technology, one of the "Ten Innovative Technologies" selected by MIT Technology Review 2016, to allow individuals to manage their own genome information securely and utilize them in various applications.

Already on the MyGenome box platform, DNA information are utilized through more than 100 diverse DNA apps and commercialization of various personalized products and solution programs such as cosmetics, health food, and training are underway. (photo by Nick Karvounis on


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