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Sat May 25

Kim So-hyun - Joy - Kyulkyung, three primary color dress showdown at the airport

2018-07-13 09:36:18
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[by Oh Hyeong Jun] Airport fashion of entertainers has now become a crucial part of fashion. It is no exaggeration to say that the airport is a small runway that boasts airport fashion on the days of departure and arrival dates. It should be comfortable during the long flight, while still being stylish. You need a one special point that will shine among the crowd and grab people’s attention.

The fashion of Kim So-hyun, who is busy with overseas fan meetings, Red Velvet’s Joy on her way to a photoshoot abroad and Pristin’s Kyulkyung who was flying to China for TV appearance, all grabbed the reporters’ eyes who visited the airport to take pictures of them.

Each of the selected Red, Yellow and Blue dress as the special hidden card. They have also chosen a distinctive item that paralleled the bright colors. From Kim So-hyun’s sporty red Pique dress, Joy’s casual denim overall dress with a windbreaker to Kyulkyung’s refreshing off-shoulder yellow dress, we took a closer look at their one-piece dress styling. 

Red Flavor! Kim So Hyun's Red Pique Dress

After KBS 'Radio Romance' ended in March, Kim So-hyun had a short resting period and began meeting her fans through fan meetings in Korea and abroad. She appeared at the airport to attend her fan meeting is Japan, and her usual beauty and the intense red dress made it impossible to take out eyes off her.

He looked completely ravishing in a pique dress that stood out with a popping color, short length and no-button collar. The red-colored check pattern strap bag was over one shoulder to add fun to the look that might be a bit flat. She also showed the sense of fashion by choosing a solid white shoe for balance out the intense color dress. The netizens responded by saying, “She wore that red dress perfectly. Only Kim So-hyun can do that”.

Editor’s Pick

If you are not into feminine style, you can emphasize the youthful look instead. If you want to show off a bubbly girl look like Kim So-hyun, let’s choose a red-colored dress. Along with the intense color, a square neckline that will make your neckline more beautiful, puffy shoulder sleeve and roomy silhouette will complete a relaxed and slimming style. The bands on the sleeves and neckline eliminate the efforts to pay attention to the hems.

Cute Sexy Joy's Blue Denim Overalls

Joy, a member of Red Velvet whom made a debut in Japan and began an active schedule, headed to abroad for an editorial photoshoot. She entered the airport in her usual smile and boasted her sexy and cute charm. As she is receiving love calls from various brands and media, she showed off a spectacular fashion sense and photogenic style.

She finished the style with a casual oversized windbreaker over a cute overalls dress. In true fashionista form, she exposed one side of the shoulder slightly, and added a sexiness to overalls which can be overly cute. She unified the bag, sneakers and windbreaker in blue white and red to show stable color match.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to feel cute and sexy like Joy, we recommend denim overalls. It would be an alluring dress if you wear it only and expose the shoulders, but it sexiness is not what you’re looking for, you can wear a stripe shirt underneath to emphasize a cute look instead. The just right amount of washing and the metal button in the middle upgraded the vintage mood.

Lemon-like freshness, yellow off-shoulder dress

Kyulkyung, a member of Pristin's first unit, 'Pristine V' who ended the successful schedule, was at the airport for China TV appearance. She boasted beauty and fashion sense as a popular star Korea and China loved for the music and entertainment. A highly saturated yellow dress that seemed like one with her pale skin caught people’s eyes.

She wore an off-shoulder dress that is cinched at the waist with a band. The ring and zipper detail at the waist also kept it modern and chic. She fit the word ‘human vitamin’ perfectly. A round earrings, beige tone bag and simple white color flats that matches the dress emphasized her feminine image even more.

Editor’s Pick

When you hear the word vitamin, the first color that pops in your head is yellow. You may think that it is difficult to wear it since it is a beautiful color, but we recommended that you try the yellow dress with bold design. Match a flared skirt hem and boldly woven rope string together to make it a unique attraction. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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