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July in Hong Kong, Beer Festival is in full swing!

2018-07-13 09:49:14
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[by Ma Chae Rim ] Hong Kong is always full of liveliness. The energy continues in July too. The main factor that brings the life to the party are the alcoholic beverages. The beer party was held at the 'Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival' in June and it is noteworthy that the 'CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Food Festival' held every October will be an event where you are able to taste various wines every year. We introduce festival information, famous beer and good food to enjoy in Hong Kong during July, when beer festival is in full swing.

July 'Hong Kong Summer Festival'

The 'Hong Kong Summer Festival', which runs from July 1 to August 31, is not restricted and free to enjoy at anyplace. The Hong Kong Tourism Board is emphasize ‘playful Hong Kong’ and highlights the summer image of Hong Kong for promotion. It is obvious that it is a diverse city filled with things to see, eat and experience.

In July, it is humid and hot in Hong Kong due to high temperatures and high rainfall. However, 'Small Luxury' in the hotel pool, 'Malling' in the cool shopping malls and 'Crawling' in the trendy Bars and PUBs in Hong Kong Central Lan Kwai Fong still makes it a place suitable for summer travel.

Especially, the city boasts a beautiful night skyline to prove you can’t say you went to Hong Kong without enjoying the nightlife culture. If you couldn’t make a choice between over 90 modern and upscale restaurants and clubs, head out to Lan Kwai Fong's Hong Kong streets with a beer in your hand. You’ll enjoy a different atmosphere everywhere.

Popular beers in Hong Kong

1 Blue Girl Beer, locally popular beer has ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong beer market for 11 years. It is a kind of bitter lager, characterized by strong barley flavor and refreshing texture. Beer can be purchased easily at convenience stores in Hong Kong, so that locals as well as tourists can easily buy and enjoy.

2 Young Master Brewery, is a brand of handmade beer in Hong Kong opened in 2013. It is highly rated for taste and quality enough to supply hand-crafted beer to pubs, high-end markets, restaurants and hotels throughout Hong Kong. The rich aroma and deep flavor that is paralleled to European hand-crafted beer is impressive.

The good chemistry of Beer and 'Chicken'

The most suitable food for beer is 'chicken'. Korea's No.1 oven roasted chicken brand 'Goobne Chicken' is roasted in the oven without frying, so it is healthy to consume. Especially, Tsim Sha Tsui, located in the south of Kowloon Peninsula, is one of the busy attraction of Hong Kong. Goobne Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui is popular among many people because you can enjoy the delicious food while looking at the Hong Kong’s bright neon signs.

The 'Honey Curry Basasack Chicken' is a classic menu that can enjoyed regardless of gender and age. If you add refreshing and ice cold beer here, it will be enough to blow away the heat of summer. In addition to chicken, there are various menus such as kimchi omelet, chicken combo with eggs, chicken skewer, Tteok-bokki, rolled omelette, and Budae-jjigae (Sausage Stew). (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, Hong Kong Tourism Agency, Blue Girl, Young Master Brewery Official Website)

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