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Sunmi- Yoon Mirae – Hyo Rin, Glamourous outing of divas

2018-07-20 14:59:22
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[by Oh Hyeongjun] Fashion and music cannot be separated. That’s how much fashion is an important weapon for singers and a way to express themselves. Not to mention the stage costumes, their style outside of stage can be an important factor that shapes their public image and identity.

There are divas who represent the generation. Madonna’s bold sexy look and Lady Gaga’s funky-disguise look; if you think about famous pop stars, you can easily think of unique style that matches their identity and name. Not only in Hollywood but also in Korea, there are many divas who have great talent and fashion style.

Sunmi, who strengthened her status as a solo singer and became the next generation diva; Yoon Mirae, who has not delivered the crown of being the #1 female hip-hop artist for more than 20 years; Hyo Rin, who has successfully continuing her solo career with her amazing singing ability and voluptuous beauty. We have checked out style of these top 3 divas of Korea.

Sunmi’s glamorous patterned dress

Even though her official activity of her new title song ‘Heroine’ have ended, Sunmi, ‘The great trend’, doesn’t have time to rest. Sunmi, who has been busy with love calls from college festival and other festivals, have revealed herself at the airport. She caught the attention of reporters at the airport with her feminine yet colorful dress.

With innocent and natural make-up, she wore a patterned dress with a high end brand logo and butterfly arranged in regular pattern. She didn’t lose the point, which is looked luxury and neat but also looked feminine. She also showed off her thin waist line by wearing a belt. She added cuteness and trendiness by matching PVC slippers with a dress of vintage feeling.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to create girly and light vibe like Sunmi, I recommend minimal flower-printed dress. Depending on level of tightness, you can either show your body line or enjoy yourself comfortably with coolness in hot summer. The flower dress’s splendid prints, but not too much, is perfectly suitable with appropriate material for summer.

Yoon Mirae’s Charismatic Jump Suit

Yoon Mirae, who have released her first full album “Gemini 2” after 11years, attended a press conference. She dominated the site with her charismatic attitude and honest music story just like the queen of hip hop. Her unique braided hair style, that hyphened hip hop vibe, and style made headlines.

She also created a sense of sophistication and casual style at the same time with bold stripe jump suit. She also created feminine vibe with tied ribbon around her waist. Literally, she showed her own style, which the pride of hip hop queen and the feminine style were coexisting. 

Editor’s Pick

If you are a woman who wants to show off gentle charisma like Yoon Mirae, let’s try jump suit with high V-neck line and a plain silhouette that emphasize luxurious style. This is a style that gives a sense of masculinity while preserving feminine style with marvel buckles and eyelet details around waist. It also made with linen material to lock down both air and cool.

Hyo Rin’s cool-looking leopard pants

Hyo Rin, who just announced her surprise come back on the 20th, headed to Jeju for her photo shoot. She drew attention at the airport once again with her gorgeous style, hot body line and great smile. She appeared wearing a pair of cool sleeves, which can feel cool at one glance, and funky leopard track pants; just like Hyo Rin always would.

She matched the leopard track pants, which a piping was overlapped that legs seemed to be long, with a simple black top, which her shoulder was revealed cool. As the lower part was too bold, she showed her cleverness by choosing color black for all of her items such as tops, bike back, and shoes. This style could have been a bit too much but she was able to pull it off by balancing her overall outfit. It also matched well with her personality.

Editor’s Pick

If you are tired of dull colors and silhouettes of clothes every day, it is a good idea to give a little twist with bold color or pattern. Why don’t you complete your look with gird patterned and unconcerned touched legging? It will draw everyone’s attention and it will make your legs longer by tightening your lower body skin. Since it is a bold item, it is recommending to unify color of clothes like Hyo Rin (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)


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