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Sat May 25

Peep at fresh summer fashion of the youngest in top 3 girl group

2018-07-27 09:58:25
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[by Oh Hyeongjun] If you are going to select girl groups representing Korea at present, you might surely pick Twice, Red Velvet, and Girlfriend. Twice who got 9th consecutive hit with 'Dance the Night Away' and aim for a 100 million view in YouTube, Red Velvet who spending busy days with preparations for Japanese activities and domestic concerts and Girl Friend who attacking summer with 'Summer Summery'. The common point of these groups is that they have the youngest who have an extraordinary appearance and a bouncy attraction.

There are various attractive members, but the members who raise up the image of the group as fresh as possible must be the youngest. Visual Tsuwi who doesn’t need a word, Yeri who boasting visual more and more as she became an adult, and Umji who is updating her beauty every day, with these girls, Each group shines more and more.

It was able to check the fashion sense of the three youngest in the group who were armed with the fresh as the youngest. They have boasted their own individual style with various style as the various modifier in front of them, and Let's check how they have added the freshness with what kinds of style. Why don't we show off the fresh charm of the youngest in girl groups by referring their style in this summer.

Tsuwi’s long colored one-piece

Visual Top, Tsuwi, appeared on the broadcasting station for music program rehearsal. Recently, she appeared with a big smile on her mouth because as TWICE, 'Dance The Night Away' continues consecutive hits marching. In particular, Tsuwi boasted a long body line without a heel by matching striped dresses that makes a big height stand out with a sandals without even heels.

A cool blue color matching, which is reminding of the advertising of Ion Beverages that the model is TWICE, was also noticeable. The one-piece which can seem to be hard, and the romantic feeling of lace hem are added, and the feminine but the cool look has completed. The small part also did not miss with a minimal white bag and accessories.

Editor’s Pick

It is also a good way to show off your shoulders when the weather is hot like these days. It is also good to minimize the exposure by layered a white T-shirt on one-piece like a Tsuwi, but it can create to feel cooler and lighter by wearing it as a single separately. It is the suitable one-piece for these days’ weather by making of light color, stripe pattern and light material.

Yeri’s romantic summer knit

Yeri of Red Velvet, who has spending a busy day with various overseas activity schedules, visited the airport for departure. After becoming 20 years old, she gets feminine charm that is added to cuteness that day. As if to show off her mature charm, she appeared wearing a calm and feminine knit cardigan.

She showed the fresh and femininity like a university freshman at the same time by matching black skinny jean and lace-up boots to tone-downed knit cardigan with yellow color. She wore a shoulder bag on the shoulder similar tone to the top, adding a harmonious feeling.

Editor’s Pick 

The prejudice of wearing knit only in winter is now broken. Knit items in the spring and summer season is now consistently loved by people who try to create gentleness and romanticism in the summer. According to this, the material is also released with summer. The material which is thin and the neck line which is adequately cut can complete a sophisticated look that is not too hot even if you wear it in hot summer.

Umji’s comfortable over-fit T-shirt

Umji of Girl Friend, aiming for title of summer queen in the "Summer Summery", appeared on the road to the music program before the comeback. She showed off a cool look just at one glance by matching cobalt blue T-shirts and white pants. The eyes were stuck on the fresh look that perfectly matches her who gets more and more beautiful every day.

She put on over-fit T-shirt in pants and boasted slim body in a wide silhouette, and matched sandals and yellow colored bags together, so that gave sense of unity with color of the phrase printed on T-shirt. And she did not wear a particularly noticeable accessory, but completed a simple and perfect look.

Editor’s Pick

In summer, a T-shirt with prints and splendid colors is a great item to be a point as itself. A size-friendly cotton t-shirt is well ventilated as well, and it is good to cover the fat. Because it is an item that we wear favorably, there are various ways of using, and if we match in splendid short pants and white pants that Umji wares, it can create with different feeling from when it is matched with jeans. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)


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