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Sat May 25

Start of love, is the hint located in gene?

2018-07-27 10:51:34
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[by Ma Chae-Rim] People tend to feel attracted to various kinds of people and fall in love with them. Someone may fall in love with those who are similar to them or those who are opposite to them. There are some interesting researches on this. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist, argues that the standard on falling in love varies on how much the human hormone such as dopamine, serotine, testosterone, or estrogen is activated.

It means that the process of two people falling in love with each other is not only related to the mind but also to their bodies. Related to this, Mygenomebox, which is the gene based platform company have launched an app “DNA Matching Service”. This app analyzes the HLA gene which is deeply involved in the biological attractiveness. Based on the above, it calculates the degree of attractiveness between models who attended the model competition called “Face of Asia” from 27 countries and the customers based on the genes and digitizes it. Depending on the degree of attractiveness, it divides people’s love into three types (such as passionate love, devote love and tender love). If the number is higher, the person is more likely to fall in passionate love at a first glance. If the number is lower, the person is more likely to get the tender love which emphasizes on the emotional exchanges. Of course, for the long lasting and permanent love, the balance between the passionate love and the tender love is required and the result varies on the effort made by two persons.

This app is designed to analyze the attractiveness between celebrities and user. But for wider use, it is necessary for the app to analyze the attractiveness between users. Mygenomebox is planning to commercialize an app which would provide the users with the analysis of attractiveness between users when they enter their genetic information. It is also trying to cooperate with dating service companies or companies arranging the blind date in order to provide the users with more scientific and possible dating services.

Through the “DNA App Store” technology, which is one of the top 10 innovative technology selected by “MIT Technology Review 2016”, Mygenomebox provides the gene based sharing market’s open platform to the users so that they can safely control their own genetic information and take full use of various applications. At Mygenomebox platform, DNA information can be checked through 100 or more DNA apps and, based on them, various custom made products and the solution programs for cosmetics, health and functional foods and training are now under commercialization. (photo by image today, Mygenomebox)


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