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Taeyeon – Park Bo-Young - Mina, Stripe fashion for “sisters of Korean people”

2018-08-10 13:58:19
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[by Oh Hyeong-Jun] These days the temperature goes up to over 30℃. In this hot summer, it is not easy for us to determine what clothes we should wear. Once we go out, the make-up goes messy and we found ourselves in a position far away from the refreshing look. If you want to keep your look as refreshing as you want, let’s check out the stripe fashions tried by three actresses called “sisters of Korean people”.

They are as follows; Taeyeon who is the leader of the girl band group called Girls Generation, Park Bo-Young who is a member of girl band group “Bobbley”, and Mina who is a member of girl band called “Gugudan”, which threatens the top position of the early girl groups. They have been popular among Korean people due to their cute and friendly image. Let’s check out their fashions appeared in the recent public events.

In principle, the stripe item is good for showing the intelligent and straight image using the lines. However, their fashion used the mix with various patterns, thus making the seemly rigid fashion look softer and attractive to make it their own attractiveness.

#Taeyeon # Stripe & Check Mix Pattern One-piece

Taeyeon, who is one of members of the K-pop girl group called Girls’ Generation, is called as the Korean people’s sister. She appeared at a public event site for a beauty brand for which she is a model. Taeyeon who recently showed her new album and newly debuted in Japan, showed her endless beauty and refreshment.

Using the mixing of four types of stripe patterns and check patterns, her fashion is characterized by the uniqueness and individualistic mood. As the clothes are the open shoulder style which shows the wear’s shoulder with the color of blue series, it is good for the daily look during hot summer time. In addition to the natural wave hair and the angle strap shoes, this fashion completes her girly look in a perfect way.

Editors’ Pick

If you want to get the cool and refreshing feel like Taeyeon, we recommend you to put on the stripe one-piece which shows your shoulder a little. You can get the feel of innocent girl with the light and cool materials and the non-burdensome stripe pattern. As the exposure is not too much, you can wear it only or coordinate it with T shirts or shirts. If you want to emphasize the shoulder strap in the form of ribbon, you had better raise your hair and bind it.

#Park Bo-Young # Cool wrap one-piece

Miss Park Bo-Young who is called as one of the Korean people’s sisters, appeared at the premier site of the movie “Your Wedding” to be opened in August. She showed the make-up and hair style of the elegance and cool feel. But it did not hide her own refreshment coming from her appearance.

She put on the shirt type wrap one-piece of the beige stripe pattern. As the vertical lines are put on in all area and the horizontal lines are put on the waist area, thus separating the upper body from lower body, the pattern makes the leg longer, thus emphasizing her leg. The shirt-type one-piece makes her more intelligent and elegant image at the public event.

Editors’ Pick

In the hot summer, the linen is very good. Let’s choose the harmonious linen shirts having the stripe pattern and soft color. It reduces the excessive feel with its proper over fit and at the same time can get you the image of innocence. You may wear one-piece with proper length or if you match it with wide pants, you can use it for office look.

#Mina #Multi color sleeveless top

Mina, who starts the K-Pop singer band activity with Gugudan-Semina, caught the people’s eyes with the beautiful striped clothes at a show case site. The top of pastel tone and rainbow color and the pants which each part having different color provided her with unique look. With the pretty and cute attitude and clothes, she has proved that she is well qualified to be called as Korean people’s sister.

Though there are many different colors in the look so that the look may be confusing, the layout of ‘tone in tone’ has the tidy look. Though the clothes are for the stage, they are impressive as they do not use the excessive colors but catch the people’s eyes. The clothes were well suited for her cute and unique image.

Editors’ Pick

If you do not like the clothes having many colors like those for Mina, you can choose the item having two colors only. It can avoid the monotonous feel of one color only but get you the refreshing and unique feel. As the clothes have good flexibility, they do not give any inconvenience to your activities. As they have the proper arm hole, they are very convenient in action. You may match them with the formal pants or skirts or make the combination with the casual pants or skirts. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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