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Sun Aug 18

What are the common attractive points for three famous actresses of Jun Ji-Hyun, Song Hye-Gyo and Han Ji-Min

2018-08-10 14:27:36
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[by Hwan So-Hee] The beautiful actresses representing Korea catch the people’s eye not only with the good acting ability but also with the elegant mood. Especially, as the actresses appearing on both television monitor and silver screen, they have accumulated their image and get the love from the people and get the title “Korean people’s actresses”.

The actresses show their attractiveness through not only beautiful appearances but also good actresses. What is the common point for these actresses who have perfect beauty so as to be called by a lot of women as their wannabe?

Three famous actresses of Jun Ji-Hyun, Song Hye-Gyo and Han Ji-Min having the “Korean people’s actresses” perfectly perform any role in their program and show the various attractiveness. It may be said that the common points for these beautiful actresses is the beautiful and distinct nose which completes their harmony of ear, eye, mouth and nose on their faces.

The nose is the most critical point in determining the beauty for a person among ear, eye, mouth and nose. The high noses of Jun Ji-Hyun, Song Hye-Gyo and Han Ji-Min are the most critical point in raising their beauty index.

If you want high nose, you can make a difference through the make-up. Let’s make the nose look elegant as those of the actresses using shading and highlighter.

You can emphasize the nose by using the shading of color denser than the skin tone and using the highlighter. If the color boundary is blended with sponge or brush, you can get the high nose.

Though the make-up helps you to make the nose look high to some extent, it is not possible to change the shape and size of the in-born nose perfectly. Therefore, if you have stress with your nose or dream of beautiful nose, it is a good way to try a nose job.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Apgujeong, fashion center of Korea (with doctor Kim Sun-Sik working as the specialty doctor in plastic surgery) says “the nose is the center of the face and affects the total image of a person. If you have stress with hooked nose or other, it is a good way to have an in-depth consultation with the specialty doctor and try to find a way of solution.”

The nose surgery needs different type of prosthesis and type of surgery depending on the shape and size of the nose. Therefore, it is important to not only look for the good clinic famous for the nose job but also get the in-depth one-to-one interview with the doctor prior to getting the surgery. Doctor Kim Sung-Sik advises, “The nose job is done in many ways depending on the problem the patient has. Rather than unconditionally raising the nose, it is critical to consider the shape of the face of each patient for harmony”.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Gangnam area has been awarded with the appreciation plaque of its good performance in attracting the patients from overseas. Using the “one stop examination prior to the surgery”, the clinic checks not only the patient’s health status but also puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis. In addition, it has the specialist in anesthesiology, and has the pride in having no accident for 20 years in cooperation of specialist doctors. In addition, preparing for the unavoidable emergency, the clinic has the CPR team (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), emergency kits and UPS system which enables the medical practitioner to continue the surgery even during the power outage, as well as automatic pains control device, and CRM monitoring system, thus putting the top priority on the patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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