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Sat May 25

Fight fire with fire, Spending hot summer with hot chicken in Hong Kong

2018-08-16 13:42:09
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[by Ma Chae Lim] Hong Kong is filled with passion. Therefore, even the hot summer looks very attractive. As there is a proverb “Fight fire with fire”, even the hot weather cannot overcome the attractiveness of Hong Kong. May I introduce you how to have good days in Hong Kong and how to enjoy the food getting the spotlight lately in Hong Kong?

Filled with coolness! “Malling”

Hong Kong is filled with the large complex shopping malls. Here, you can enjoy not only the shopping but also the sensible experience. The activities of solving both the shopping and meal and the leisure activities are called “malling”. Even though Hong Kong is famous for the hot and humid place, the indoor is famous for the cool and comfortable environment. If you want to avoid the hot weather, why don’t you visit the complex shopping malls where world brands gather in Hong Kong?

Especially, “Harbor City” complex shopping mall which is famous for its large size is the hot place we should visit. Here, there are more than 450 shops ranging from luxury brand to the toy shops as well as more than 50 food outlets. As there are also the prestigious restaurants and theaters, it is famous for the date course for local residents.

In addition, there are other complex shopping malls such as Causeway Bay World Trade Center, Admiralty Pacific Place, and Central IFC. If you want to visit exotic shopping malls, you can visit PMQ which is renovated from the police dormitory. Though it is not a big size, you can feel the differentiate4d mood here.

Hocance you can enjoy in Hong Kong

If you are looking for the space where you can get good memory while cooling the hot weather in hot summer, you can enjoy Hocance. As the compound word of ‘hotel’ and ‘vacance (vacation in French)’, the hocance means the vacation which you enjoy at a hotel which has the beautiful night view, good restaurant, swimming pool and fitness center. What are required for the good hocance are the beautiful night view and swimming pool. What is the place meeting these two requirements?

Harbor Grand Kowloon Hotel, which was the scene of Korean movie titled “The Thieves” is the five-star class hotel having grand swimming pool and the good night view of Victory Harbor. As the actress Jun Ji-Hyeon who appeared at the movie ‘The Thieves’ had the swimming scene at this hotel’s swimming pool, this hotel has been called as Jun Ji-Hyeon’s Hotel. Located close to Tsim Sha Tsui, it has the nearby tourist attractions such as 1881 Heritage, Kowloon Park, I Square, Jenney Bakery and Harbor City.

Lately popular food

A restaurant can be called as the “house of taste” when local residents often visit. If you are interested in the new food which gets spotlight lately in Hong Kong, take a look at this. Goobne Chicken, which is the brand name famous for its oven grilled chicken brand in China and Hong Kong. Local residents often visit here as they can enjoy the exotic taste and mood. The representative menu here is the “Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken”, which has the good curry flavor and sweet honey.

The crispy grilled skin and the juicy and soft meat are the trademark of Goobne Chicken only. In addition, you can enjoy the original chicken which has the soft taste, volcano chicken which has the hot taste, various cocktail, tteokbboki, gyeranmali and others. Especially, Causeway Bay Store of Goobne Chicken offers you the good view of the downtown of Hong Kong as it is close to Causeway Bay World Trade Center. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Instagram for Hong Kong Harbor City, and official website of Harbor Grand Hong Kong)


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