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Thu Apr 25

Song Ji-Hyo and Choi Yeo-Jin, Not horrible! They are armed with lovely and chic fashions

2018-08-27 10:06:56
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[by Oh Hyeong-Jun] This summer is really hot. But the actresses casted in the horromantic comedy drama of KBS titled “Lovely Horribly” appeared at the announcement ceremony of the drama. They showed off their good teamwork among all main and auxiliary characters.

Song Ji-Hyo who is the main characters in the drama and Choi Yeo-JIn, who is the assistant character in the drama appeared in front of camera, thus showing their good relation. It is a rare event in which a main character and an assistant character appear in front of press side by side though the appearance of male main character and female main character in front of the press side by side is a commonplace. Two persons were good friends at first stage of the drama but they gradually become energy from each other as the drama proceeds. But, in the ceremony, their friendly appearance looked impressive.

The styles which two persons showed were impressive. Like the drama title, Song Ji-Hyo showed the lovely attractiveness a lot and on the contrary, Choi Yeo-Jin was armed with the chic and elegant appearance, showing their relation in the drama. Both of them made us feel what they would show their distinctive characters in the drama in advance.

She tries to be a Songvely! Song Ji-Hyo’s lovely one-piece

Song Hi-Hyo has accomplished the chic and lovely look by unifying the orange mustard color of one-piece with the color of shoes. Her round neck line and the shirring around the waist line increased the romantic mood. Along with the shirring, the pleats-shaped skirt and the puff-shaped sleeve redoubled her feminine feel.

Contrary to the uniformity between the colors of clothes and shoes making the strong impression, the accessories were put on to the minimum, thus leading her to wearing only the minimal drop earring. The long sleeved one-piece and the suede shoes helped people to miss the coming fall and winter seasons though her drama is on air during the summer.

Editors’ Pick

Let’s take a look at the Song Ji-Hyo’s color pick. There is no color of yellow enough to get the feel of youth. You can wear it without any burden as it has the sufficient fit. However, as it does not give the flabby feel, you can get the comfortable and neat look.

As it properly wraps the arm with half-sleeve, it can cover the excess fat on the arm. As there is the lining inside below the waist line, there is no worry of being looked through. This time of the year or the time between the summer and fall, it is the item which you can ware regardless of whether as it wraps your arms and shoulders and has the proper length.

Representing the chic lady! Choi Yeo-Jin’s see-through blouse

If you want to choose the actresses having slim and long legs, and chic, fashionable and urban image, she is just one of those actresses. This time, she showed off her attractiveness with her elegant and chic blouse. On the day, she put on the see-through blouse and black wide pants.

Instead of heal or loafer, she wore the sneakers, thus making people surprised with her fantastic fashion sense. Though she wore the shoes having no heal, she showed off her surprisingly long leg and superb body ratio. Wearing the big size of the pearl ball as earring, she redoubled her elegant mood.

Editors’ Pick

There is no more item than the blouse to get the elegant mood. As it has the soft texture and high class feel, the blouse can be a perfect point item of itself. As the summer gets longer, let’s hang the long sleeved blouse on the rack with the mind of waiting for the fall in the closet having more half-sleeved shirts or blouses.

The loose fit, properly exposed V neck line and sensual fit can produce the refined and chic mood. It would be good to wear it like Choi Yeo-Jin by putting the blouse inside the pants. But, it would also look elegant if the bottom of the blouse is put outside of the pant with the cutoff tassel of the end.(photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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