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How to be the ‘Back To School Goddess’ with skin care routine

2018-08-30 15:08:36
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[by Shin Yeonkyong] Back to school season is approaching after the hot & exhausting summer break. We all suffered from especially hot and humid summer this year. It is the time to have reorganize ourselves with refreshing attitude however, it makes us lethargic with long lasting hot weather.

Blemish and trouble from sweat and overproducing sebum are the big problem for people who are about to go back to school. Troubled skin from lack of management can take longtime to recover than we anticipate; this is the concern for us.

If you are part of the ‘us’, let’s focus. Skin can be different with proper management. If you can change your daily habit, your skin will recover itself faster to be in the best condition. I would like to introduce the skin care routine that will make you a ‘Back to School Goddess’

Changing Daily habit: Golden time deep sleep

Your skin is probably damaged heavily from desultory life style over the break. Especially, if your schedule is completely changed between day and night without deep sleep, your skin become rough and dark. If you want to recover the skin quicker, follow the sleeping schedule.

Let’s make sure to have deep sleep between 10pm to 2am; so called Golden Time. If you take deep sleep during this time period, skin will regenerate faster with growth hormones and it will maintain right moisture level from active metabolism that will discharge waste.
If the tiredness from daily life builds up, it will show on your skin. Make sure to deep sleep during golden time and try to sleep 7-8 hours per day to increase recuperative power for your skin and body.

Never missing fundamental care. Sunblock and cleansing

Even though the hot weather has faded away, there are still strong UV rays out there. The biggest cause of skin aging is UV rays. It is important to thoroughly apply sunblock to prevent exhausted & non-elastic skin damaged from UV rays.

It is best to apply enough amount all over the face 30 minutes before outing. Make sure to reapply time to time. Also, sunblock has high possibility of causing skin trouble. Since the high SPF index product has various chemical compounds, it is good to choose right sun care product for you by checking chemical components.

In addition, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin since the sunblock and make up residue can easily cause skin trouble. First of all, use cleansing oil and cleansing water to completely clean the skin. Then, finish secondary wash with cleansing foam product that has little stimulus. If you feel extreme dryness on your skin after the wash up, it is good to use moisturizing product with high moisture content to use as facial mask.

Skin Care Item to become ‘Back to school Goddess’

01 REAL BARRIER EXTREME MOISTURE SUN CREAM it is a sunblock that forms thin reflective film on skin. It has moist and non-sticky finish like moisturizer.

02 IOPE DERMA REPAIR pH BALANCING CLEANSING WATER it is a cleansing water product that gets rid of makeup and waste also creates healthy skin with its low acidic formula and soothing effect components.

03 HUWAY CRYSTAL CUBIC CREAM It is a cubic cream that cares your skin from inside with active ingredients such as acai berry extract, mango, honey, grapefruit extract, beta glucan and more. It is effective for skin recovery and helps to manage elastic & healthy skin. Also it prevents melanin pigment that cause freckle. (photo by HUWAY, REAL BARRIER, IOPE, bnt news DB)


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