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Sat May 25

If you wish to live long without the concerning of Alzheimer’s disease, please analysis on your gene through ‘Mygenomebox’

2018-08-30 15:56:13
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[by Ma Charim] The health and long life will be a common concern for everybody. Today, the average lifespan of most countries is around 80 years old. Even women's lifespan of Korea has exceeded 90 years.

What kind of differences between those who live long and those who do not? According to the research, it was shown the fact that gene is included in factors affecting long life. that is, Sirtuin, a kind of protein generated in the human brain, liver, kidneys, etc., suppresses the cell death.

Mygenomebox, a gene based platform enterprise, is providing an expecting lifespan based on user's genes by analyzing 5 genes including SIRT1 known as to affect lifespan through an App., called 'Longevity'.

Also, as just long life only is not the best, Mygenomebox provides the possibility of Alzheimer's disease, which is susceptible to old age, through the App., 'Alzheimer's disease risk assessment'.  Especially, Alzheimer's disease is a disease that is involved largely in genes, the gene that affects a great influence on Alzheimer's disease is known as ApoE.

Among them, people who has ApoE-4 have a considerably higher risk than general people. However, it is able to decrease the risk of occurrence of disease with the management for non-genetic factors such as lifestyle and eating habits. That it, it you identify the possibility of Alzheimer's disease what you have and enhance the lifestyle, it is able to lower the disease rate.

Knowing e genes that you possess is an essential thing to prevent Alzheimer's disease. For example, a suitable amount of wine is known as to lower the risk of overall dementia, but it's not a good prescription, as all alcohol is harmful for people who has ApoE-4. For ApoE-4 type, it was shown that coffee had a greater effect of preventing dementia than the general type. Therefore, through Mygenomebox, users can enhance their lifestyle to match with their genetic features, not the standardized prevention method or lifestyle.

Mygenomebox, which is providing these services, provides the gene based sharing economy open platform enables the individuals to manage their own genome information safely and utilize them continuously in various applications through 'DNA App Store' technology, one of the '10 Innovative Technologies', which is selected by 'MIT Technology Review 2016'.

Already in Mygenomebox platform, it is possible to check DNA information through more than 100 different DNA apps., and on the basis of it, the commercialization of many personalized products and solution programs are under processing, such as cosmetics, health food, training and etc. (photo by, Mygenomebox)


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