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Sat May 25

Koh Soyoung – Kim Namjoo - Kim Heesun, Original stars with stunning beauty

2018-08-30 16:36:04
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[by Hwang Sohee] It is hard to hide the disappointment when you look into the mirror to see the wrinkles, sign of aging, on your face beside eyes and forehead. It is our wish to go back in time to youthful 20’s with smooth and elastic skin but time cannot be turned around.

Even though there are people who sighs when looking at the sign of aging in the mirror, there are stars who are admired by maintaining their beauty just like when they were in 20s. Who are these stars who maintain unchanged beauty since their first debut after all this time?

Women’s Wanna-be, Koh Soyoung, Kim Namjoo and Kim Heesun are the actresses who draw attention for their more stunning beauty than those of in their 20’s. One thing in common among actress who are admired by many, is their elastic skin without any wrinkles.

Koh Soyoung, Kim Namjoo and Kim Heesun, who show off their mature beauty by continuously maintain their beauty. What is the secret of keeping elastic face without any wrinkles?

The secret to the smooth skin tone without wrinkle starts from clean face wash that could be easily forgotten. No matter how good of a makeup you use, if you have bad skin, which is the foundation of makeup, it could go to a waste. It is important than any other to thoroughly clean make up residue and discharges from your day.

First, before you wash your face, you have to wash your hand thoroughly for sanitation purposes. Than wash your face thoroughly with the foam. At this point, it is important to wash up your face with lukewarm temperature water since hot water can cause dryness and wrinkles.

Of course it is important to wash up your face in the right way that can build up your skin fundamental, but if you would like to solve problem such as wrinkles besides your eyes or saggy skin, proper lifting method could bring much more effective result.

JK Plastic Surgery’s director Bae Joonseong (Plastic Surgeon), who is known for anti-aging treatment, said “It is important to keep the constant effort in daily habit in order to keep the healthy skin and unchangeable beauty.” He advises that in order to give more of an effective result on top of exercising and dieting, it is good to consider facial lifting method that can lift overall facial area.

Director, Bae Joonseong said “Facial lifting could be an answer for people who have severe facial wrinkle or sagging of cheek and chin cause by natural aging. Since there are differences in each individual’s facial structure and skin, it is important to discuss with trained specialist to decide the appropriate surgical method”

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them, JK Plastic Surgery Center, received award from Gangnam-gu. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and equipped with a surgery room that meets US FED Standard209D criteria. Also, to consider inevitable emergency situation, they have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit to prioritize patients’ safety.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery  Clinic, bnt news DB)


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