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Sat May 25

Concern about rainy season skin care? Answer is fundamental care!

2018-08-30 17:28:35
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[by Hwang So Hee] After heat has gone away, rough typhoon and rainy season has arrived. During the rainy season, special care is needed since disease like cold and skin disease can threat you easily due to high humidity.

Especially, there are many people who are concern with various skin trouble and eczema from low skin immunity level; cause by unpredictable weather from late summer heat and rainy season. On top of that, big temperature difference between outdoor and indoor from non-stop AC cause by high humid weather create much more harmful environment. It is important to give delicate attention.

If you are one of those people who are concern about the skin from unpredictable weather, pay attention. I’ve got us fundamental skin care routine that can create strong skin barrier against rising temperature and high humidity. Let’s show off our bare skin without worrying at any outside environment with simple fundamental skin care routine change.

>> Sunblock is a must even during the rainy season!

If you considered sunblock as a method just for blocking strong sunlight, you are wrong. It is necessary to apply sunblock even during the rainy season and indoor that has no sign of sunlight because our skin is constantly exposure to UV Ray.

Make sure to apply sunblock thoroughly especially during the cloudy days since the UV rays index could be higher than sunny day. Apply sunblock on face, legs and arms before outing and make sure to reapply time to time. If it is hard to reapply sunblock due to humidity, it is good to utilize foundation that has sunblock effect.


3CE SKIN FIT POWER FOUNDATION can protect skin from outer stimulation by effectively blocking UVA and UVB rays, cause of skin aging, simultaneously with its SPF31, PA++ sunblock index that is suitable for daily activity. It can maintain make up for a long time with its thin moisture powder structure that can lightly attach on skin with soft outside, moisture inside finishing.

>> Replenish moisture with the mist!

Unlike high humidity outside during rainy season, it is easy to lose moisture within skin from constant AC due to humid weather. The extreme temperature difference that cause skin dryness can endanger skin health by causing environment that takes moisture away.

It is important to apply moisture during humid and sticky rainy season with high temperature. If you want enough moisture supply affect without stickiness, it is good to utilize mist. With the mist full of moisture, let’s maintain moist skin tone all day long.


3CE ENERGY MIST is skin energy mist that is effective for immediate moisture supply with its jelly shape boosting mist using water soluble jell. With its fermented vitamin and hyaluronic acid components, it can supply skin moisture and will transform skin to elastic skin. Since you can use it before and after makeup, you don’t have to worry about make up being erase.

>> Perfect moisture with facial mask!

During humid rainy season, there’s more sebum secretion and dead skin formation. It is important to pay attention to moisture management since too much sebum secretion and dead skin could cause skin disease. The most effective fundamental skin care routine to replenish skin moisture is a facial mask.

Facial mask can give soothing affect and moisture management for sensitive skin from outer stimulus simultaneously. During the rainy season that makes our skin sensitive, use soothing facial mask that can replenish moisture without sticking.


3CE AFTER SUN SOOTHING MASK is a soothing mask that can cool down and replenish moisture for hot skin from sunlight. With its soothing mask, it will supply jelly essence that will provide moisture skin to make your skin clearer. It is also comfortable that is almost feels like not wearing mask when you use it; from soft and smooth clear nude jell material. (photo by StyleNanda)


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