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Sat May 25

How to prevent the wrinkle around the eye, which is the symbol of aging

2018-09-07 14:02:08
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[by Shin Yeongyeong] As the sizzling summer is finishing off, the autumn is just around the corner. We can feel the cool wind in the morning or evening now. Between the seasons, the skin may get too sensitive or rough due to the rapid temperature change and dry air.

Especially, the weak and sensitive part among the facial skin is the part around the eyes. As the part has no developed sebaceous gland, it is easy to get dried and fast get the aging process. In addition, as a person get older, the secretion of sebum gets reduced and the collagen gets destroyed. So, the wrinkle around the eyes gets deeper when a proper care is not taken.

Though the natural aging process cannot be prevented, everybody would like to delay the passing of the time. What is the proper way for preventing the wrinkles around the eyes, which are the symbol of aging process? Let’s prevent the wrinkles around the eyes and make our skin elastic using the simple habit improvement and the home care method.

1. Habit improvement

If you have more or deeper wrinkles around your eyes and have more or denser dark circles, please check your habit. It is because as the skin around the eyes are so thin like a sheet of paper, even the actions such as the blinking of your eyes or the rubbing around your eye may make the wrinkle. In addition, if the skin is dried, the wrinkle may get deeper immediately. So, make sure to often drink the water not to give any time for getting dried.

Recently, people get more wrinkles around the eyes due to the frequent use of smart phones and the irregular habits. Especially, avoid the habit which would give the fatigue to your eye such as sleeping late at night. In addition, the sleeping for more than 7 hours is also important. The habit of sleeping with your face on the floor or sideways may get your face pressed, thus making your wrinkle deeper. Therefore, make sure to keep the right position.

2. Eye cream which is effective in prevention and improvement

The representative cause of aging is the dry skin. If the skin lacks the humidity or nutrient, it gets less elastic, thus causing the increase in the pores and deep wrinkles. Accordingly, the humidity is necessary to keep the skin smooth and elastic. But, unlike the thick facial skin, the skin around the eyes are sensitive to the stimulants. So, it is important to choose the proper products.

It is not the right choice if you randomly select the oily products for the dry skin. You have to check your skin and properly use the aquatic or oily eye cream product depending on it. In addition, it is better to apply the little amount of eye cream all around the eyes. We recommend you to try the products having vegetable property.

3. Massage for the elasticity and vitality

If you added the moisture to your skin around the eye by using the eye cream, then make the simple massage to improve the elasticity. If your eyes easily get tired, the simple acupressure can recover it. Actually, if you press on the part around your eyes, it would improve the blood circulation and enhance the elasticity of the skin, thus leading to the remarkable changes.

As the acupressure helps the waste to get out from around the eyes, it helps to improve the wrinkles and dark circle around the eyes. Press your fingers on the part of your skin from the forehead through eyebrow to the temple while keeping at each part for 3 seconds. As for the part below the eyes, press the not-clenched fist instead of the fingers and move it left and right for smooth massage in order to complete the healthy and elastic skin.

Editor’s Pick

01 HUWAY sesamis Moisture Eye Cream
This is the moisture eye cream which softly takes care of the sensitive skins around the eyes. The extract of the fermented soy milk, extract of arnica flower, sunflower seed oil and yam would help to soothe, moisturize and give nutrient to the skin and prevent the aging as well as helping the cell recycling. In addition, the ingredient called as phyto mucin, which is similar to the snail’s slime would supply the moisture to the skin, thus making the dried and tired skin get glossy.

6 peptide ingredients and the natural moisturizing elements which got fermented provide the nonvital skin around the eyes with the moisture and nutrients. So, this is very effective in improving the whitening and the wrinkle by controlling the skin which gets sensitive due to the outside environment with the soft moisturizing ingredients.

The extracts from lake, sea or spa and the blue algae would improve the wrinkle and increase the skin elasticity, thus preventing the aging of the skin.

This eye cream minimizes the stimulation to the skin with its vitamin A retinal and adenosine and effectively takes care of the skin elasticity. By improving the small wrinkles and deep wrinkles, it makes the skin around the eyes look young. (photo by Huway, Swanicoco, Biotherm, CNP Rx, bnt news DB)


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