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Sudden increase of premature grays, let's dye it safely

2018-09-21 15:32:17
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Gray hair, a phenomenon in which the hair turns white, is one of the natural aging processes caused by a decrease in the number and function of melanocytes in hair roots. There is a slight difference in the time of occurrence among the races, but most Asian people, including people in Korea, appear to grow grey hairs in their forties.

However, in the young age of 20 to 30 years, there is a rare case of sudden graying hair. This is called premature white hair phenomenon, also known as premature graying. Once the premature graying starts, it is hard to return to black hair again. There are many people who are stressed while watching the gray hair that won’t go away.

If this is a sign of aging, you would be willing to accept the reality as an inevitable fact of life, but it would be hard for you to accept it if it you are seeing grays at a very early age. The annoying premature grays. How can we deal with it?

Cause of premature grays

Severe stress: Severe stress caused by school, work, and etc. can cause premature grays due to hormonal degeneration, decreased blood circulation, and melanin pigment-forming cells. In addition, oxidative stress caused by severe stress increases the amount of harmful active oxygen in the body to destroy the oxidative imbalance. In severe cases, this can lead to vitiligo or gray hair. In addition, the stress caused by the lack of sleep can also lead to premature grays. If there has been a sharp increase of graying hair in recent years, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the current stress and solve the problem periodically.

Unhealthy eating habits: Busy modern people often eat fast foods, but if you continue to consume foods that lack nutrients, nutritional supplements may not work properly and it can lead to gray hair. Meat-intensive high-fat diets or excessive weight loss can also cause nutrient imbalances in the body that causes premature grays.

Genetic factors: Genetic factors cannot be ignored. Unlike naturally occurring gray hair as you grows older, premature grays can occur in teens and twenties, and the main cause is the heredity. A study of 10 to 20-year-old males from a university hospital found that those with family history had a 19 times higher risk of developing premature grays compared with the general population. In addition, it was found that having at least one parents with premature grays increase the chance of the child to have the same symptoms by 80%.

Premature grays that make you look old, let's fix it with healthy hair dyes

If you are seeing premature grays with no family history, it can be corrected through precise cause analysis and appropriate prevention. The way to prevent it is to eat well and sleep well. Let's practice a balanced diet, regular sleep, and proper exercise.

But changing lifestyle habits is only a long-term solution, but it does not cover the already grown gray hair. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically cover up the gray hair. However, it is worrisome since overly frequent hair dyeing can weaken the scalp, with leads to hair loss. This is because the chemicals and hydrogen peroxide in the dye damage the scalp and hair.

Therefore, naturalistic dyeing brand, ‘Jayeon-e Meuldeulida’, protects scalp hair by minimizing hair damage by using hypoallergenic dyes that is free of ammonia and paraben. Unlike the general hair dyes which you have to mix 2 harmful chemicals together, you only have to mix a natural powder with water. Since all ingredients are natural and safe, there are no bad side-effect no matter how much you use it to cover up the premature grays. Another difference is that you can make a healthier recipe by mixing the herbal powder with the tea of the ingredient that is right for you.

They are growing popularity by word of mouth because unlike other dyeing rooms, they offer all-in-one care with scalp hair condition analysis to 1: 1 customized care consultation, dyeing procedure and hair care stage in one place. If you need to dye your hair often due to the premature grays or seeing full gray hairs, why not try to protect your hair and scalp with natural dyeing, suggested by ‘Jayeon-e Meuldeulida’.


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